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  • BA_Marriott

    Will cyber policies cover huge GDPR fines facing British Airways and Marriott?


    The penalties come two days after British Airways was fined £183m by the Information Commissioner’s Officer for a separate data privacy breach 

  • GettyImages-1059365416

    Everything you need to know about the G20 summit


    In this must-read piece from Andy Gilholm, principal and director of Analysis at Control Risks considers the outlook beyond the G20 talks and considers some specific escalation risks including China’s planned “unreliable entities list”.

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    Risk-manage your EBITDA with transparency


    Most executive decisions are made with the company’s EBITDA in mind. So, aligning your key risk indicators to your EBITDA will ensure that the risk department stands out. But achieving this isn’t always easy. Adrian Clements has this advice

  • New thinking in risk

    Risk culture – creating clarity from chaos


    Corporate toxicity, disruptive innovation and competition – can all be managed with strong risk culture set from the top down, writes Horst Simon of The Risk Culture Builder

  • Alan Latest (1) copy

    Culture and trust in a complex and disruptive world


    Disconnected risk culture (DRC), says Alan Hilburg, president, Hilburg Associates, is the single greatest threat to organisations over the next five years. Why? Failing to culturally connect multi-generational and multi-cultural workforces has created a global crisis of distrust within organisations - and historic levels of risk.

  • Martin Gray

    Brexit consequences for Lufthansa Group


    Martin Gary, managing director and risk manager for the airline’s in-house broking company talks about how he is preparing for a hard Brexit

  • ChangingInsurance-2

    Will insurers ever be able to address reputation risks?


    Reputation risk tops the table of greatest risk in CNA Hardy’s recent survey. But it is still difficult to insure. If insurers want to play their part in #ChangingInsurance, they will need to develop risk manager relationships beyond binary transactions and immerse themselves in their clients’ company

  • New thinking in risk 15

    Top 10 tips for building risk culture


    Identifying, analysing and dealing with risks is against human nature. The sooner we accept this, the easier it will be to integrate risk management into decision making, writes Alex Sidorenko, chief executive of Risk Academy

  • New thinking in risk 3

    Severity or frequency – which comes first?


    We all need to set priorities but when we need to speak about actions at company level, with the focus on performance transformation and stakeholder value, have we really analysed what this actually means? Adrian Clements, international enterprise risk manager, has these tips

  • OFC__StratRisk_260619

    StrategicRISK Europe Q2: Our world at war


    US versus China, UK versus Europe – how can companies navigate the numerous political battle lines being drawn around the globe?