• Hans Laessoe

    Don’t waste time managing risks


    Stop, collaborate and listen, Hans Læssøe is back with a brand new lesson. In his latest opinion piece, the principal consultant at AKTUS and former risk manager of The LEGO Group explains why things will never be the same again for risk managers.

  • Karla_photshop

    Our battle against bias


    Ahead of this month’s Dive In festival, two senior risk managers give their view on diversity and inclusion in the risk and insurance industry. Here, Karla Gahan of VinciWorks, says “by relying so heavily on shortcuts, we are tapping into our biases and risk making poor choices”

  • supermarket

    Is a recall ever good?


    Fall out from a recall can be devastating, hitting retailer and consumer trust, and bringing heavy hidden costs. While some say it is possible to come out of a recall looking good, ultimately prevention is always better than cure.

  • Hans-Joerg Schill

    Ever wondered how airports keep millions of passengers safe? Risk manager, Hans Joerg Schill, tells us how


    Managing Fraport AG’s vast insurance operations, with its sky-high risks, is not a job for the faint of heart. Thankfully, managing director Hans Joerg Schill is always pushing the envelope

  • iStock-838881276 fake news

    The very real threat of fake news


    So-called ‘alternative facts’ in today’s online world reach many quickly and can ruin the reputations of those in the firing line. Risk managers must be primed to shut down bad buzz before it has chance to spread.

  • iStock-846048624

    Inside Greenyard Frozen: the listeria outbreak


    Aldi, Lidl, Iceland, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose have had to recall thousands of frozen foods after harmful bacteria was found in products they sold. Such recalls can result in tumbling share prices or total collapse. Here’s what can be done to minimise the threats

  • Hans Laessoe

    A new type of risk management: the rise of Execution Risk Management and Decision Risk Management


    Hans Læssøe, principal consultant at AKTUS and former risk manager of Lego tells StrategicRISK how the effect of an ever-increasing speed of change adds and alters the demands for risk management – both in terms of what to do, and how to do it.

  • Norman Marks

    Why do we need risk management?


    Renowned author, blogger and retired chief audit executive, Norman Marks, questions why we need risk management and what role ERM plays.

  • Victoria Tan Ayala Corporation

    Top risk priorities for a Philippine conglomerate


    Ayala is one of the largest and most diversified Philippine conglomerates, with business interests in real estate, banking, telecommunications, water, industrial technologies, energy, infrastructure, health, education and other ventures

  • Chip Cunliffe XL Catlin

    Reducing risk from a changing ocean


    Leaders from across the political, economic, environmental and risk sectors gathered in Bermuda in May for the first Ocean Risk Summit