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    Roundtable: A new age of risk uncertainty


    Increasing uncertainty, complexity around cyber, and best practice in risk cultivation within an organisation were the key topics of debate during a roundtable held by StrategicRISK and CNA Hardy

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    Captives: explaining their potential


    Why captives have been used successfully as a form of insurance, and will likely continue to be. Claudia De Meulemeester reports

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    Latest Issue

    StrategicRISK Europe Q4 now live


    In this issue, we look at the countdown to GDPR’s deadline in Europe in May 2018, along with features on autonomous vehicles, supply chain risks exposed by 2017’s Atlantic storms, lessons from the Equifax cyber hack, the problems faced by budget airline Ryanair, and reporting from recent FERMA and

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    Autonomous vehicles: logistics transformed


    Autonomous technology is transforming many industries. Transportation and logistics already pose complex risks for risk managers and insurance buyers. For autonomous vehicles the logistics sector will be in the vanguard of change. In association with AIG

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    What can risk managers learn from the Equifax breach?


    GDPR expert Darren Wray puts the incident under the microscope and outlines lessons learned from the fallout

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    The Dutch case for GDPR


    The Netherlands sets an example for how business can move forward despite GDPR challenges. Claudia De Meulemeester reports

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    Keeping credit markets turning – Zurich


    Banks and other financial institutions are turning to insurers to help free up capital through risk transfer deals

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    No frills approach bites Ryanair


    The recent pilot debacle at airline Ryanair is a prime example of how governance decisions made at the board level can have wide reaching implications. Risk managers across all sectors should take heed of the lessons learned. By Antony Ireland

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    Weather risk: domino effect

    This year’s hurricane season devastated the Gulf of Mexico, but the ensuing supply chain disruption will be felt the world over. In an age of interconnectivity, supply chain visibility and continuity planning has never been more important

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    Interview with Steve Hearn, Ed CEO


    Steve Hearn