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    Autonomous vehicles: logistics transformed


    Autonomous technology is transforming many industries. Transportation and logistics already pose complex risks for risk managers and insurance buyers. For autonomous vehicles the logistics sector will be in the vanguard of change. In association with AIG

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    Latest briefing: interconnected risk


    In today’s complex world, one risk leads to another. So how should businesses deal with these knock-on effects?

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    Guide to: cyber risks


    Cyber crime used to be a rarity, with physical break-ins par for the course, but the new breed of highly sophisticated criminal makes the swiping of data tapes seem quaint. In this guide, we look at the evolving cyber risk landscape

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    Guide to: people risks


    People are the biggest single asset of any business and need to be managed with care. They are the lifeblood of companies and represent both the past and, most importantly, the future. In this StrategcRISK Guide to People Risk, we look at some of the main issues around human capital and consider

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    Terrorism and political risk briefing


    Terrorism is not a new risk and has been a reality for decades. But what is new since the 9/11 attacks in 2001 is the introduction of a new level of intensity, audaciousness and geographical reach

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    A guide to the biggest risks and latest innovation in manufacturing


    The number of genuinely international manufacturers that depend on increasingly extended product lifelines has grown rapidly. But so too is the stress they face. This guide looks at the top risks in the manufacturing sector and how a new technological revolution is set to change the risk landscape

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    Guide to technology risk


    This guide reviews some of the major current technological developments and assesses how they might benefit, disrupt or threaten large corporate businesses around the world

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    Latest briefing: cloud computing


    Businesses are reaping the benefits of cloud services, but less has been said about the risks of data sharing technology

  • Property and casualty

    Guide to: property & casualty


    Property and casualty lie at the heart of most large corporate insurance programmes. Taken in its most basic form, this is the major insurance line for people bricks and mortar, but it is also more far-reaching than that

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    SR100LIVE conference round-up


    In the first of a series of quarterly SR100LIVE events, industry experts shed light on dealing with a risk that has been struck off by insurers as unquantifiable