• Toxic waste

    Environmental bonds: When polluter pays


    If a site suffers an environmental accident, the operator is liable for clean-up – even if insolvent. Environmental bonds let you breathe, knowing your costs, and your reputation, are covered

  • Gabriel image

    Top risks: a consolidated analysis


    We are bombarded by numerous reports of the top risks to companies now and in the future. But what do they really mean for risk managers? Gabriel Souza, risk management specialist takes a detailed look at six risk reports and has this analysis

  • Lottory

    Quantitative risk analysis can triumph if applied correctly


    Here’s some Friday fun: in a two-week experiment to prove the value of quantitative risk analysis, Alex Sidorenko, chief executive of Risk Academy, and a consortium of risk managers took extreme measures. They set out to build a risk model for winning the lottery. The result was very positive…

  • womens football

    Playing for the defence: what risk managers can learn from football


    From Paolo Maldini to Sir Alex Ferguson, risk managers can learn from the strategies deployed on the football pitch. And the greatest lessons come from the invisible defender: the goalkeeper or, in other words, the risk manager, writes Adriano Lanzilotto, vice-president, client service manager, (London operations) at FM Global

  • New thinking in risk

    Three levels of strategic risks


    The concept of strategic risks has been given a lot of attention. ‘Strategy’ is possibly the hottest and sexiest word in business – but what does it actually mean in terms of risk management? Hans Læssøe, principal consultant at AKTUS, has this answer

  • 2020

    What should your risk function deliver in the 2020s?


    The 1990s was the decade of training. Then came the decade of assuring, when audit drove the risk agenda. This decade, companies have developed a “look forward” culture, but what should the next decade in risk bring? Bryan Whitefield, risk consultant, has this answer

  • Failure

    Why risk management is failing in organisations


    Risk management has become too complex: we’ve created our own language, placed ‘risk’ in front of or after words like ‘conduct’, ‘appetite’ and ‘reputation’, and separated it out from the world of business. So what’s the answer? Bryan Whitefield, risk consultant and director of Bryan Whitefield Consulting has this ...

  • Risk management

    Four simple steps to integrating risk management into strategic planning


    Integrating risk management into strategic planning is not the same as conducting a strategic risk assessment or having a risk conversation at a strategy meeting. It is so much more, writes Alex Sidorenko, chief executive of Risk Academy

  • GettyImages-1078473358

    Why you need to rethink supply chains for the tariff storm


    Escalating trade tensions between the US and China is creating headaches for risk managers, but there is a solution and it is all in the planning, says SAP Ariba ANZ, regional vice president, Henrik Smedberg.

  • GettyImages-961778250 (1)

    How social media can damage a company’s reputation – and how to address it


    As social media and the inherent value of reputation continue to grow, organisations will have to adapt their strategies for safeguarding their reputation. Carol Williams, enterprise risk management consultant and founder of ERM Insights, gives her tips for how ERM can help