People risks: the evolving nature of business travel

Global mobility has increased with many more businesses sending employees on international assignments. Against a backdrop of business expansion into new and existing territories and an evolving geopolitical and risk landscape, the perils of business travel have extended beyond medical assistance to exposures ranging from terrorism, nat cats to pandemics. Supported by AIG, we uncover the biggest business travel risks and offer tips on how to manage and mitigate them


Terror 1

Acting alone

An in-depth examination into the statistics of terror events uncover a clear and disturbing shift in terror tactics towards lone assailant attacks. Our best defence? Preparation, education, and thinking ahead

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The evolving nature of terror risks

Today’s terrorist groups are targeting public spaces, in a bid to engender mayhem and fear. We must be proactive in protecting and empowering our people and our businesses

Crisis management

Story 2 - crisis

Covering all bases

When trouble hits overseas, you need best-in-class incident response – and this requires a new, evolved type of insurance

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Crisis combat

Effective crisis management is about protecting your people, your assets and your reputation

Risk managers and HR

Story 3 - HR

Create a one-team culture

Risk and HR departments have to put politics aside, break down the silos, and focus on delivering the best advice to their employees

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Joining forces against travel risk

How HR and risk management departments are working more collaboratively to keep their business travellers out of harm’s way


Story 4 - technology

Mobile apps: Risk managers’ new best friend?

Such new technology offers a 24/7 connection with employees abroad, streamlines the claims process, and can provide critical evidence in the event of an incident

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Staying smart and connected

The newest technology, in the shape of mobile apps and GPS tracking, means security and protection is in the back pocket of employees travelling on business

Expert views

Story 5- EV

Pain points of planning for medical assistance

Medical risk planning is not just a nice to have, it’s critical for business continuity and supporting employees


On the road less travelled

The modern workforce is on the move. A comprehensive threat response product is needed to keep your people safe from a growing range of travel threats