My top 3 risks

The desk risk

The novelist John Le Carré once said that “a desk is a very dangerous place from which to view the world”, and I completely and totally agree with him. I think too many risk managers spend far too much time behind lumps of chipboard in front of computer screens. My message is get out more, interact with people who are not in the risk business, and go and see other industries.


The disconnect risk

This is where you have lots of differing ideas going on in your head at any one time, and because it’s so uncomfortable, you try to suppress some of the thoughts and only live with the positive ones - or what you believe are the positive ones. This can lead to some very strange behaviour, because they are not connected with those subject to risk.


The despair risk

Risk managers typically look on the downside, rather than the bright side of life, simply because they’re looking at all the negative effects on their organisations. This can lead to a mindset whereby they forget that all risks have an upside as well as a downside.