Amrae president tells delegates to take a long-term view on global risks  

Globalisation has increased the level of risks that could severely disrupt businesses in France, Amrae president Gilbert Canameras warned during his opening speech at Amrae’s annual conference held in Deauville, France, yesterday.

He told delegates that the search for business growth in foreign markets is not a new idea, but that three new factors have made trading in foreign markets more risky, namely that the world now appears “smaller” (thanks to advancements in transportation and the development of digital communications), limited or scarce resources and an increased population. These factors have made risks “more prominent and more global”.

He added that businesses must keep an eye on three key threats likely to affect their companies, including political risk, natural disasters and digital risk.

He said: “The risk manager must have a global view of the risks to its business, its limits, and its operation risks. A long-term vision of the evolution of risks and use of good courage are also critical.”