Delegates told to sharpen up on risk mitigation to avoid losses arising from supply chain disruption

Supply chain and business interruption remains a key risk for businesses in France according to Sophie Mauvieux, group risk and insurance director at global digital security firm Gemalto.

Mauvieux held a workshop yesterday entitled ‘Breach of the supply chain: the other end of the world’, with three panelists: Laurent Giordani, partner at consulting firm KYU Associés; Frédéric Jousse, director at insurance broker Bessé; and Boris Maillard, purchasing senior manager at GM-PSA Purchasing Europe.

She said supply chains are ever more interconnected and business interruption owing to natural catastrophes is a threat that remains at the forefront of many businesses. 

She outlined three steps that risk managers must take to plan for a supply chain disruption. These include:

  • Raising awareness of supply chain risks internally to further promote prevention and threat anticipation; 
  • Implementing risk management activities in a structured way across your organisation that are consistent with the company’s strategy;
  • Improving co-operation, and share expertise and data between all the stakeholders, particularly among the internal (operational departments, risk management) and external (contractors, suppliers, customers, insurers, brokers, consultants …) partners.

The workshop also examined how businesses could better identify the consequences of a global supply chain; the risk management activities that companies could develop better to manage their supply chain risks and the current solutions offered by the insurance market.