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    Don’t Risk Your Precious Assets

    Risk managers need to embrace their changing role

  • -Rupert Murdoch-StrategicRISK

    Absolute power corrupts

    With phone hacking investigations now extending across the pond to September 11 victims, News Corporation has more and more to answer for. But bosses’attempts to plead ignorance won’t wash – corporate culture is led from the top.

  • Nathan Skinner

    Financial fears call for better risk managers


    Risk managers share with me their reaction to the dire economic predictions of Deutsche Bank’s CEO

  • South Africa township

    Risk profile: Africa


    In the first of a series of online regional risk profiles, James Bray explores the risks and opportunities of investing in sub-Saharan Africa

  • Terrorist threat insights: StrategicRISK

    Terrorism risk is on the rise


    Terrorist atrocities increased 15% last year with Nigeria, Egypt and Pakistan all at high risk

  • Floods in Toronto

    Rates stay low despite catastrophes


    Recent nat cats haven’t altered historic lows in property rates so what will it take to harden the insurance market?

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    BP One Year on – What has changed?


    What lasting impact has the Gulf oil disaster had on the risk management profession. StrategicRISK investigates

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    Infographic: Cyber crime explained


    A sophisticated cyber crime ring has been broken up. This graphic shows how it worked.

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    Infographic: Waiting to see how the pieces fall


    Middle East revolts won’t necessarily lead to liberal economic reforms

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    Keep calm and carry on, the Aussie way


    Australian businesses’ continuity plans were put to the ultimate test by the recent Brisbane floods. But some companies have proved that, with the right systems in place, they can stay one step ahead

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    Alarmed and dangerous


    Fear, uncertainty and doubt: it sells papers and boosts viewing figures, but what are the consequences of a misperception of risk?

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    Fresh fears for Hungary’s ticking ‘toxic time bomb’


    MAL insists it’s under control, but Greenpeace says a polluting discharge from the plant responsible for the toxic sludge spill last year presents unacceptable risks

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    Revenge of the cybermen


    As reaction to the WikiLeaks affair shows, online users expect websites to protect their privacy at all costs. And with ‘payback’ technologies increasingly available if they don’t, companies will need to decide which side they’re on

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    Flying high


    During 13 years in risk management, Frédéric Desitter has gone from being perceived as a ‘messenger of doom’ to being an indispensable part of Aéroports de Paris’ operations

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    The rules are not there to be broken


    Stress tests are all well and good, but only if European companies and regulators treat them as more than box-ticking exercises

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    How not to behave


    Huge global companies have been used to having it their own way, often at great cost to local communities and the environment. What are the issues that should be on every multinational’s risk management agenda?

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    Risk linkages


    La Niña leaves human and economic toll in its wake, pushing global commodity prices up, says Maplecroft's Helen Hodge

  • Pensions Insight: 9/11 attack

    Things only get worse


    As 2011 dawns, there is no diminution of the terrorism risk. The number of toxic spots on the globe which act as havens for the training camps and as fertile recruiting grounds for the bombers grows no smaller

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    Risk management post crisis


    Two years into the hard bite of the financial crisis, European companies and regulators are still scratching their heads over the tooth marks, and how to cleanse risk management factors which triggered the downward spiral

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    Crowds on the coast


    A sketch from Amrae, by Nathan Skinner