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  • Gilbert Canameras, Director of Risks and Insurance at Eramet & president of AMRAE

    Future is bright for French risk managers


    In his first detailed interview with StrategicRISK since becoming Amrae president, Gilbert Canameras, explains his priorities for the future

  • Pension risk

    The pension time bomb


    Public debt and pensions liabilities could be the next major threat to the financial system, according to commentators. But the risks aren’t purely financial

  • Analysis

    Jorge Luzzi on insurance regulations


    Ferma's vice president is worried about the impact new insurance rules are having on buyers in Europe and Latin America

  • Economic sanctions

    Risk Map: Economic sanctions


    New sanctions have been issued against Iran and Libya. See what other countries are affected and how these measures could impact your business

  • Cyber crime

    Protecting yourself from cyber assault


    Payment processor Mastercard is the latest victim of a security breach. How can organisations defend themselves?

  • Analysis

    Insurers seek competitive advantage from Solvency II


    Amid speculation that Solvency II could be delayed until 2014, StrategicRISK investigates the risk management benefits of Europe's new capital regime for insurance companies

  • Analysis

    Greek default: Impact for risk managers


    How a crumbling Greek financial system could affect risk managers, by James Bray

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    Post revolution commerce in the Mid-East


    Eurasia Group and PWC explore future business opportunities and risks in the Middle East

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    The calm after the storm


    So far several major catastrophes have not had a big impact on commercial property insurance prices. But how long will this situation last, asks James Bray

  • Analysis

    Water crisis


    StrategicRISK reporter James Bray explores the growing risk of water scarcity

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    Report undermines Apple's code of conduct


    Despite a ‘rigorously’ enforced code of conduct, new research highlights the continuation of poor working conditions standards

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    Guernsey sets out its stall


    Guernsey promoted its stance on Solvency II at a seminar in London but some delegates did not seem convinced

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    Risks: Revolution solutions


    Regime-changing revolutions in Egypt have altered a long-established landscape of illegal transactions and questionable deals, but in whose favour? And how long until business as usual returns to the country?

  • Christchurch eathquake in New Zealand

    Insurers re-evaluate earthquake cover


    After the Japanese earthquake, companies could find it much harder to buy catastrophe cover in hazardous zones, finds Sue Copeman

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    Deadly cucumbers


    How has the German food health scare affected the risk management industry in Europe? Sue Copeman finds out

  • Analysis

    Nintendo hacked


    Another Japanese multi-national is the latest victim of cyber attack. StrategicRISK explores some solutions to cyber risks

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    When to attack, when to defend


    The boardroom is a battleground, risk managers are generals and raw materials are the lives of soldiers; important risk management lessons can be learnt from history’s greatest wars

  • Floods in Toronto

    Rates stay low despite catastrophes


    Recent nat cats haven’t altered historic lows in property rates so what will it take to harden the insurance market?

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    A king's ransom


    Piracy exists outside the law and continues to grow every year. As political conflicts increase the situation is set to get worse, creating new and potentially dangerous risks to manage

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    Risks: Fault lines


    Global disasters, growing inequality and a depletion of natural resources are catalysing tensions between nations. Are risk managers fully prepared for the consequences?