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  • Major terrorism events since Sept 11 2001
    Risk News

    Al Qaeda after Osama


    The death of Osama Bin Laden, who was killed by Navy Seals in a daring raid in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, could increase the likelihood of further international terrorist attacks

  • Sue Copeman

    A toothless tiger


    Despite the hype the UK’s Corporate Manslaughter Act aint up to much, says Sue Copeman

  • StrategicRISK- Terrorism AFP/Getty Images

    Terrorism at historically high levels


    The threat of terrorism is putting pressure on the reinsurance market

  • Analysis

    Risks: Revolution solutions


    Regime-changing revolutions in Egypt have altered a long-established landscape of illegal transactions and questionable deals, but in whose favour? And how long until business as usual returns to the country?

  • Theory and Practice

    How to: Deal with the tricky nature of collaboration


    Monitoring and nurturing relationships between collaborative businesses is no easy task, meaning vital – and beneficial – components can slip through the net

  • White Papers

    M&A Risk Management: Avoiding Pitfalls, Finding Solutions


    Seth Gillston SVP, ACE USA Mergers Acquisitions Industry Practice examines the casualty, environmental, property, and management liability challenges inherent in M A activities

  • White Papers

    Untangling supply chains. Free White Paper.


    In a recent study, 70% of North American risk managers said their supply chain risk had increased, yet only 35% thought their companies would be “moderately effective” at managing this. “Untangle Your Supply Chain” provides a simple 3-stage approach to managing supply chain risk. It covers key ...

  • Analysis

    Risks: Fault lines


    Global disasters, growing inequality and a depletion of natural resources are catalysing tensions between nations. Are risk managers fully prepared for the consequences?

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    D & O Liability Insurance


    Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance is very much a buyers’ market. Over the past seven years, European companies have benefi ted from increasingly advantageous prices and terms as a result of continuing high insurance capacity.

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    Supply chain risk. Free White Paper.


    60%-70% of a firm’s cost is typically controlled by the extended supply chain. Yet nearly 90% of firms do not conduct a risk assessment when outsourcing production

  • Analysis

    News feature: Trade wars


    Protectionism is nothing new, but some in the business community believe the playing field of international trade is becoming more rather than less uneven

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    Safeguarding shareholder value and corporate reputation


    The daily news provides numerous examples of organizations ill-prepared to deal with events which could impact corporate reputation, shareholder value and even the survival of the business.

  • Marketing

    Video: Nicola Harvey


    Christie's Group Risk Director on FERMA Risk Management Forum

  • White Papers

    Video: Michel Dennery


    StrategicRISK talks to GDF SUEZ's Enterprise Risk Management Director about the FERMA Risk Management Forum in 2011

  • White Papers

    Video: Peter Den Dekker


    StrategicRISK talks to FERMA's President about its upcoming Risk Management Forum in 2011

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    Video: Viktor Vladimirovich


    StrategicRISK talks to RusRisk's President about the FERMA RIsk Management Forum 2011

  • White Papers

    Video: Paolo Rubini


    StrategicRISK talks to Telecom Italia's risk manager about the FERMA Risk Management Forum 2011

  • White Papers

    Video: Sabrina Hartusch


    StrategicRISK talks to Triumph International's Head of Insurance about the FERMA Risk Management Forum 2011

  • White Papers

    Video: Helle Friberg


    StrategicRISK talks to Hempel's Group Risk & Insurance Manager about the FERMA Risk Management Forum 2011

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    Video: Ellen Rekker