Over 2000 risk manager members of national associations in the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) have received electronic questionnaires for the third pan-European risk manag

This is the third such survey conducted on behalf of FERMA in co-operation with Ernst & Young and AXA Corporate Solutions. It aims to provide an authoritative overview of the status of risk management in Europe and how it has changed since the previous surveys in 2002 and 2004. Toluna, an independent, online market research company, will collect and analyse the responses.

The questions come under several broad headings:

- risk management policy and practices
- risk management support and relationships
- risk and risk management objectives
- risk communication
- insurance.

The responses will provide information on major trends in the area of risk management, allow a business to benchmark its organisation in relation to other important European companies and show proven approaches to risk management adopted by successful organisations.

There are also topical questions, for example, on the production of insurance documentation, known as contract certainty, and others that will allow risk managers to provide suggestions as to what measures the European Commission could adopt to enhance companies' competitiveness.

Those who respond will receive a free copy of the report. Any member of a FERMA association interested in taking part who has not received the questionnaire should contact the FERMA office.

Florence Bindelle, executive director of FERMA, has assured risk managers that they will not be asked for any confidential financial information. Nor will any of the three organisations sponsoring the survey see individual replies.