Risks are changing and risk management needs to change too. In order to remain relevant and continue to add tangible value to businesses, at StrategicRISK we believe risk management needs to evolve and change. That’s why we’ve launched #ChangingRisk - a campaign promoting new thinking in risk.

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The revolution marches on

Our #ChangingRisk campaign continues to inspire our community to push ever forward, applying serious energy to discovering what risk management’s future must be

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Data is the future of effective risk management

Traditional approaches to risk fail to resonate with senior managers, they are too “subjective” and ”anecdotal”. And if they dismiss risk management, it is because they lack understanding. So, the answer? We need to embark on #ChangingRisk with the use of data, says Danny Wong, CEO of Goat Risk Solutions

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The myths that hold risk managers back from making a difference at the top table

“I look after strategic risk and you look after operational risk”. When you place risk management into categories, you stop performing ERM and prevent yourself from helping the board make risk-intelligent decisions. Here’s Sarah Gordon’s (chief executive of Satarla) take on #ChangingRisk and influencing decision-making

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#ChangingRisk at GVNW 2019

We set up shop in Munich to discuss what needs to change to help risk management move up the risk maturity curve. Here, four risk managers at this year’s symposium give their impassioned views


Less talk, more action

To transform risk management and ensure we are effectively #ChangingRisk, we have to “look in the mirror and ask, what can you do better?” says Alexander Mahnke, president of GVNW and CEO Insurance (Controlling & Finance, Financing) at Siemens


No limits

Ralf Mareczek, vice-president, corporate insurance, Bertelsmann, on #ChangingRisk and thinking creatively to find alternative solutions


Hunting Black Swans

Benedikt Hintze, senior risk and insurance manager, Georgsmarienhütte Holdings shares thoughts on #ChangingRisk and his new book, ‘Insurance Manager Convinces Company Boss’


A structural and sustainable process

Matthias Beck, head of group insurance and risk management, Würth Group, discusses #ChangingRisk and the challenge of establishing good processes