Law firm launches service to inspect documents

Insurance law specialist Berrymans Lace Mawer has launched BLM Insight, a risk and claims management service.

The service is web-enabled and comprises an analytical risk management tool and document storage facility, which allows documents to be digitally stored and indexed.

It has been designed to allow Berrymans and its clients to look at the causes of claims and claims costs.

Berrymans partner Joanne Francis said that the service had been developed for clients in the light of the current problems in the insurance market – increasing premiums, lack of cover and higher deductibles.

"We are looking to move away from the traditional approach to dealing with claims after the event. We are looking at the root causes of the claims and are trying to get involved in these areas."

The system allows any potential claim to be logged and the relevant documents collated, scanned and indexed.

Clients are then able to enter the system and access the information straight away.

"This can speed up settlements. Key documents such as risk assessment and health and safety policies can also be stored, which cuts down on administration and will assist in defending cases," said Francis.

A further feature of Insight is its ability to analyse incidents, monitor trends and identify the most common areas of risk.

Information in the database is monitored, measured and analysed by a team of professionals, including legal, health and safety and technical specialists. An overall diagnosis of these risks is then detailed in summary analysis reports.

"In addition to incident data, it can also store information relating to sub-contractors and projects.

"It can identify any problems and provide back-up information to help deal with claims," Francis said.