Three weeks after the StrategicRISK 2005 European Risk Management Awards were announced, I was delighted to receive an e-mail from a risk manager asking to get in touch with one of the winners to get

To me, that is what the awards are all about! They represent cross-pollination of ideas, promoting excellence and sharing successful strategies and innovative thinking. And that brings me on to the AIRMIC conference.

This issue coincides with the annual conference of AIRMIC - the UK risk managers' association - and I anticipate that much of the value for participants here will be derived from talking to other people doing a similar job and facing similar problems, albeit in different industries.

I have often thought that the corporate risk manager has a fairly lonely role. Pressures on company budgets mean that he or she is unlikely to have the backing of a large team, and there is no-one else within the organisation who is quite in the same shoes. But sharing thoughts and impressions with peers plays an important part in validating and determining future strategy. You can also save your organisation money by accessing the experience of someone who has already trodden the path you plan to tread. In October, the Federation of European Risk Management Associations forum will be held in Lisbon. With many risk managers working within multinational organisations, that too is a good opportunity to bounce around some ideas for the future.