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  • Helle Friberg
    Cover Story

    Breaking the glass ceiling for women in risk and insurance


    Three women from Willis,Lloyd’s Market Association and Hempel who made it to the top of the male-dominated risk and insurance industry recall how they overcame prejudice and why they support greater diversity

  • Sarah Stephens
    Cover Story

    “A key to success is to take on what others are unwilling to take”


    Aon head of cyber and commercial E O EMEA Sarah Stephens on what it takes to succeed in the risk profession  

  • Nadia Cote
    Cover Story

    "We must raise the number of women at board level" − ACE chief


    ACE Group country president France, Nadia Côté says the industry can benefit from greater diversity at every level

  • Malwine Braunwarth
    Cover Story

    "I'm not a supporter of the women's quota in Germany"


    Bombardier head of risk engineering, global risk management and insurance, Malwine Braunwarth examines the issue of gender diversity

  • Anne Charon
    Cover Story

    Anne Charon: how I made it to the top of Zurich, France


    Charon looks back at her career, explaining why she will never leave financial services and how she overcame prejudice in the sector

  • Ailsa King
    Cover Story

    "I sense a new energy among leaders in risk," – Willis' Ailsa King


    Willis managing director of risk solutions on the challenges she faced in her career and how attitudes at the top are changing

  • Sabrina Hartusch
    Cover Story

    "Both genders have key strengths"


    Sabrina Hartusch, Triumph International’s global head of insurance, finance and administration, unlike many in the industry, says that her decision to build a career in risk and insurance was deliberate

  • Inga Beale
    Cover Story

    Inga Beale: “Being more diverse is good for business”


    Lloyd’s first-ever female chief executive tells her story of reaching the top and why diversity is important for the industry

  • Julia-Graham
    Cover Story

    Women in Risk: plugging the gender gap


    In the first of a series of Women in Risk articles, FERMA president Julia Graham is on a drive to improve gender diversity in the risk and insurance profession. Here, she explains how and why

  • Paul Daviz
    Cover Story

    Gagged and caged


    The likes of Facebook and Twitter have created new ways for businesses to connect with their customers. Now they must learn to use these social media platforms while not ignoring the reputation risks they pose

  • Cover Story

    Don't gag the birdie


    Reputation economy is the Silicon Valley coined term that describes the way the standing of a product, person or company is framed by the evaluation of consumers. These days it’s normally applied to the realm of Web 2.0, which refers to all the interactive and network based applications of the ...

  • Cover Story

    The perfect space storm


    As solar activity hots up, could we be heading towards another massive sun storm? The effects of such a superstorm could be devastating to the technology-dependent modern world - we need to up our sun protection, says Nathan Skinner

  • Pensions Insight: 9/11 attack
    Cover Story

    The events that rocked our world


    Terrorism, war, natural disasters and financial ruin - the past decade saw it all. Nathan Skinner takes a look at these incidences and how the risk management world has changed as a result. For better or for worse, we'll never be the same again

  • Cover Story

    Born free and equal


    The multinational that abuses its power in poorer countries risks financial losses, litigation and reputational ruin. Yet shocking cases of exploitation still occur. It is time to take responsibility, says Nathan Skinner

  • Catlin Arctic Survey
    Cover Story

    On thin ice!


    Using pioneering ice-drilling methods, one survey team has made the most ominous predictions yet for the future of the polar caps. Nathan Skinner looks at the perils facing the Arctic – and those who explore it

  • Cover Story

    Guard your data


    Lee Coppack says that the information that companies hold is as valuable as money for hackers and criminals. The consequences for businesses can be embarrassing and expensive

  • Cover Story

    The way ahead


    With the theme of this year’s FERMA forum being the future of risk management, Lee Coppack looks at how the risk manager’s role is evolving in Europe

  • Cover Story

    The dilemma of dissent


    Unpalatable news is rarely welcome in the boardroom – and may not be believed. Nathan Skinner interviews HBOS whistleblower Paul Moore

  • Cover Story

    Unrest and uncertainty


    The world is a risky place and economic recession has not helped, says Nathan Skinner

  • Cover Story

    Risk in a recession


    Risk is following hard on the heels of the recession, warns Nathan Skinner