DVS president Alexander Mahnke reveals plans for a new risk and insurance training programme

Alex Mahnke

Alexander Mahnke, president of DVS announced support for a project to train young talent, will during his opening speech at this year’s symposium in Munich.

Speaking to StrategicRISK before his welcome address yesterday, Mahnke said: “Challenging times lie ahead for risk and insurance managers. Can we continue to play a key role within our companies, increase the quality of our services and expand the breadth of our competencies? We need to find the right talent for the next generation of insurance risk managers to ensure we can continue to increase quality.

“Risk and insurance is one of the most interesting jobs you can find. Risk and insurance managers are involved at all levels of their companies and are therefore exposed to a variety of experiences, often in an international environment.

“But we need to better explain the value of what we do and what advantages insurance and risk transfer can bring to our companies.

“If we improved how we promote the industry to young talent, then we should be able to attract fresh blood and educate them on the job.”

DVS will co-operate with universities to provide education and training to new risk and insurance managers.