Ten of Ireland's pig farms have been contaminated by dioxin-tainted animal feed

Ten pig farms in Ireland may have contaminated their animal feed with dangerous dioxins, sparking a recall of pork products spanning 25 countries.

The Irish Association of Pigmeat Processors (IAPP) said its members are working closely with the authorities to deal with the pork meat recall.

The Irish food regulator initiated a full recall of pig meat products from September 1.

The IAPP stressed that output from the affected farms represents less than 10% of Irish pig meat production. It added that the one feed supplier with concerns over contamination is in the process of being withdrawn.

Dioxin is a highly carcinogenic and toxic compound. ‘This development is without doubt a major blow to the Irish pig meat sector,’ said the IAPP.

The Irish pig meat sector has a turnover value of €500m.