Europe's network and information security agency warned that member states need to invest more resources and collaborate more closely

The EU’s agency for network and information security (ENISA) has called for mandatory reporting on security breaches by business, just as the US has already done.

The Executive Director of ENISA, Andrea Pirotti commented: ‘Europe must take security threats more seriously and invest more resources.’

The agency said the measures were needed and warned that member states have a long way to go in safeguarding the electronic economy.

The member states should undertake concerted efforts to reduce the imbalances in security levels, through more cross-border cooperation. ENISA is confident that the need for secure networks to safeguard the European economy is a distinct driving force for Member States to cooperate more closely,” Pirotti added.

‘Europe should not wait for a digital 9/11 but instead reduce imbalances in national security approaches, said the agency in a summary of its General Report 2007.

In the report ENISA highlighted key online security issues in Europe, showcasing how it helps to counter cyber attacks, spam and risks of online social networking.

The agency said: ‘Today, 30% of global trade is ‘digitally dependent’ [and] spam costs business about €64,5bn in 2007, double the 2005 figure.’

ENISA has also produced a feasibility study on a European Information Sharing and Alert System for citizens and small business.