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New thinking in risk

Risks are changing and risk management needs to evolve to ensure its relevance and value today and in the future. That's why, we at StrategicRISK, have launched #ChangingRisk – a campaign promoting the critical role risk management plays in informing strategic decision-making.

Over the last six months, our #ChangingRisk campaign has gathered the views of the global risk community on how risk management should evolve to better meet the needs of business.

Held during the Ferma Forum 2019, StrategicRISK's #ChangingRIsk roundtable will bring together senior risk managers to review the state of risk management, discuss current risk practices and explore new thinking in risk.

The roundtable is not simply an information sharing session but a place to debate, agree and affect change in the risk profession.

We will distil all the ideas from #ChangingRisk into one document – our #ChangingRisk Manifesto – which will be used to stimulate further discussion and debate.

Apply to attend

The roundtable is by invitation only and is free to attend. Click here to RSVP and help shape our #ChangingRisk manifesto and affect change.

Please be advised, that to attend this roundtable, you will need to register to the Ferma Forum. Registration is free for risk managers and you can register here: www.ferma-forum.eu/register

When: 19 November, 8:00-10:00
Where: Ferma Forum, Estrel Conference Center & Hotel, Berlin
By invitation only. RSVP here.

Roundtable discussion points

  • How to demonstrate the value of risk management to senior management and the board: What needs to change to convince business leaders of the value of risk?
  • What are the limitations of transactional risk management and how can it move from being transaction-focused to informing strategic decision-making?
  • How can risk managers help senior executives set and maintain a culture of risk management and what are the benefits?
  • How can risk professionals develop risk culture through better communication.
  • Is the 3LOD the correct risk operating model?
  • Repositioning risk from operations to strategic.
  • Using data to inform better risk outcomes.
  • How can risk manager operationalise risk appetite/tolerance to support better day to day decision making?

About #ChangingRisk

#ChangingRisk is a global network of progressive risk professionals who want to pioneer new thinking in risk management and inspire an evolved and enhanced approach to risk, so that the community can better support business leaders, the board, c-suite and senior executives to make risk-informed decisions, as the business landscape becomes ever more challenging and complex.

For further information, contact Kin Ly: kin.ly@nqsm.com