Implementing decision-focused risk management

A one-day course led by Hans Laessoe former head of strategic risk, The LEGO GROUP
27 June 2019, London

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of risk management’s global thought leaders

Hans Læssøe, former head of strategic risk management, The LEGO Group, will lead an intensive one-day training course helping regional risk professionals supercharge their risk approach. Having spent ten year’s leading the transformation of The Lego Group’s risk programme, Hans will share his experiences and teach attendees how to:

  • achieve a consistent risk analysis
  • use Monte Carlo simulations to enhance risk analysis
  • improve scenario planning
  • effectively embed risk analysis into reporting
  • use decision-based risk management
  • integrate risk management into strategic decision-making

Each course is limited to 20 participants to ensure a focused and engaging learning environment.


09:00 Introduction and scoping

  • Understanding the rationale for enhancing current risk management practices. External vs internal drivers.
  • Building on the principles of the ISO 31000 standard
  • The need for and benefits of intelligent risk-taking vs managing the risks of decisions already taken.

09:30 Enhancing existing risk management processes (Part I)

  • How to achieve holistic and effective risk identification.
  • Introducing a business system approach to risk with a value chain, supporting functions, and external influencers
  • How to leverage company specialists to minimise the effect of human biases

10:30 Break

10.40 Enhancing existing risk management processes (Part II)

  • How to achieve consistent risk analysis and assessment and why it’s critical
  • Developing an approach to ensure that risk handling is effective and that ownership is assigned
  • Building effective risk reporting using risk tolerance
  • Group discussion: Risk mitigation as a competitive advantage
  • Group exercise: Developing plausible risk tolerance statements

11:40 Using Monte Carlo simulations to improve risk decision making

  • Understanding the mechanics of Monte Carlo simulation
  • How to practically apply Monte Carlo simulations to enhance the effectiveness of your risk analysis
  • Using the output of simulations in risk decision-making

12:40 Lunch

13:30 Mastering decision focused risk management

  • Understanding the difference between “execution” and “decision” focused risk management
  • Understand the steps you need to take to effective roll out
  • Group exercise: Applying decision focused risk management in your organisation and obstacles to be aware of

14:30 How to implement strategic risk management within your organisation (Part I)

  • Differences from decision and traditional risk management – dealing with ambiguity
  • Understanding how strategic decisions are made and implemented. The need to address an uncertain future – and choose in the light of uncertainty
  • Understanding and applying the concept of “stepwise” adjustments
  • Developing effective scenario workshops
  • Group discussion: Understanding strategic decision process
  • Group exercise: Hands-on developing scenarios based on case study

15:30 Break

15:40 How to implement strategic risk management within your organisation (Part II)

  • Understanding the concept of “issues” and how to identify and prioritize these using the PAPA (Park, Adapt, Prepare, Act) model
  • How to embed the findings and agreements into the management and planning cycles of your company
  • Group discussion: Identify and prioritize issues based on case study

16:30 Conclusion
Setting your own targets and defining an implementation plan for managerial approval Understanding what steps, you can take tomorrow to move risk from operations to strategy Where to get further help

17:00 End of Day


Cost per attendee £795 + VAT

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