Using risk management to influence decisions


WHEN: Wednesday 27 November, 9:00-17:00
WHERE: 52 Horseferry Rd, Westminster, London SW1P 2AF

The standard approach to risk management has evolved in recent years, with the use of modern computing power to help us challenge our human-based assumptions, together with concepts such as risk appetite and tolerance to help drive the risk culture we desire within our organisations.

This workshop explores the latest developments in key aspects of risk management required by a senior leader.

These include:

  • How to challenge your organisation's risk profile: what should you expect from the risk committee meeting?
  • What is risk appetite and tolerance: how do you get it to be meaningful within your organisation?
  • Building a risk culture: how does this differ from an organisational culture?
  • Range of relevant case studies from sectors such as aerospace, construction, charities, governments, natural resources and finance.

Course agenda

8:30 Registration
9:00 Introduction and scoping
  • Understand why different organisations use risk management and what each participant is aiming to achieve through the workshop.
  • Quick overview of what the standards, regulations and best practice suggests.
9:30 What am I responsible for?
  • Key elements of a risk management framework
    • Roles and responsibilities of senior decision makers regarding risk management.
    • Signing off on the risk policy – what should it look like?
    • Being able to assure shareholders/members that the organisation's risks are being managed.
    • Getting risk management to deliver competitive advantage (rather than just compliance).
10:30 Coffee break
10:40 What's in a risk profile?
  • Examples of good practice risk profiles and risk reports from across a range of sectors.
  • How to challenge your organisation's risk profile.
  • How to optimise your risk committee meeting to ensure it generates value for your organisation.
11:40 Appetite and tolerance
  • What is risk appetite and tolerance?
  • Case studies of where risk appetite and tolerance is used well… and not so well.
12:40 Lunch
13:30 Risk criteria
  • What is risk criteria?
  • Case studies of where risk criteria is used well... and not so well.
  • How to optimise our own risk appetite, tolerance and criteria + keep it up to date.
14:30 Risk culture
  • What is culture and why do we need it?
  • Building a risk culture.
  • How does this differ from organisational culture?
  • Listening to your organisation.
  • Balancing external versus internal risks and drivers.
15:30 Coffee break
15:40 Balancing your values versus objectives
  • Knowing when a hard stop really is a hard stop.
  • Case studies and examples from those who have got it right... and wrong.
16:30 Conclusion
  • How can we enhance risk management within our own organisation?
    Next steps and starting now.
17:00 End

Bonus content

Each delegate will receive a complimentary hour of consulting time with Dr Sarah Gordon, who will be facilitating this workshop.

Your complimentary hour of consulting can be used to undertake a diagnostic of the approach to risk management undertaken by your organisation, or to dive into more detail on an area of risk management you'd like to know more about. This time can be scheduled either directly before/after the workshop or at a time of your choosing.

About the trainer

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Sarah Gordon, founder and CEO of Satarla. Sarah is a Board member and has worked across a range of organisations within different sectors.

Recognised as one of the foremost trainers and facilitators of risk management, Sarah passionately believes that risk management should drive change and accountability within an organisation, rather than a "tick box" approach to compliance.

An Honorary Lecturer at Imperial College, Research Associate at the University of Johannesburg, Accredited Trainer with the Institute of Risk Management, and leader of a team of 60 Satarla risk specialists from around the world, Sarah brings a wealth of experience and case studies to this workshop.

Sarah Gordon, founder and ceo of Satarla


WHEN: Wednesday 27 November, 9:00-17:00
WHERE: 52 Horseferry Rd, Westminster, London SW1P 2AF

For this course including complimentary hour of consulting: £595 plus VAT

For this course and course 1, Using risk management to influence decisions, including lifetime access to GOAT e-learning lifetime access to GOAT RM Toolkit™ and one hour consulting with Dr. Sarah Gordon: £995 plus VAT