Luzzi to take on a strategy in enterprise risk management in his new position

Jorge Luzzi

Jorge Luzzi has been appointed as executive president of Herco Global, the risk management company part of insurance broking group MDS. Luzzi joins from Swiss-based Pirelli Group Reinsurance where he served 25 years, working his way up to become global risk management director.

In his new role at Herco Global, Luzzi will play a strategic role in enterprise risk management at MDS, focusing on captive management and international operations and will also be a member on the board of HighDome, a fully owned, protected cell captive company based in Malta.

MDS group chief executive Jose Manuel Fonseca said: “We are delighted to welcome Jorge Luzzi to MDS. He brings an outstanding depth in enterprise risk management and considerable experience to our group.

“He is a strategically driven professional who focuses on the role of risk management as an integral part of the corporate planning process, which is critical for us and for our contribution to the value creation process for our clients.”

He added: “Jorge’s knowledge will help our clients to address the management of key strategic risks such as cyber liability, reputation, business interruption and supply chain in addition to the other enterprise risks that companies face on a global scale.”

Luzzi has devoted his time and energy to building his expertise in risk management and has been instrumental in promoting the profession. His involvement with risk management associations started in Brazil where he chaired the Brazilian association ABGR, as well as ALARYS in Latin America. At that time he was also president of Ifrima, the International risk management association. He later joined the board of Ferma and served as its president from October 2011 until October 2013.