Four arrested in plot to bomb synagogue and shoot down military planes

Four men were arrested in the US and charged with plotting to bomb Jewish targets in New York and shoot down military planes with stinger missiles.

The plot was uncovered because in their efforts to obtain weapons the defendants unwittingly dealt with an FBI informant.

The FBI equipped the informant with a concealed video camera and audio equipment.

During meetings with the informant the prosecutors allege that the defendants expressed a desire to attack targets in New York, including a synagogue in the Bronx and military aircraft located at the Air National Guard Base.

The plotters allegedly asked the informant to supply surface-to-air guided missiles and explosives for the planned terror attacks.

Security services in the US monitored the defendants and went as far as providing them with an inactive missile and inert explosives.

The defendants were said to be upset about the war in Afghanistan and that Muslims were being killed by the United States.