The motor focus group has been revived under the chairmanship of BT risk consultant Andy Lister

The next meeting of the group will be on 18 October at the AIRMIC office.

Focus group meetings planned in October are as follows:


AIRMIC has created an award to honour its former chairman and executive director, Roger Miller, who died earlier this year. The award acknowledges the substantial contribution that Roger's formidable and sometimes unconventional intellect made to the knowledge of risk. It will be awarded to the author of an article who can demonstrate a similar ability to create awareness and understanding of risk, wherever it is.

The award is open to writers in any field. The work must have been produced in the year to 30 November 2005. There will be a diverse judging panel drawn overwhelmingly from outside AIRMIC. As well as the Roger Miller Award, the winner will receive a highly appropriate magnum of champagne.

Enquiries to Chloe Green, at


AIRMIC has joined forces with the Worshipful Company of Insurers to support publication of a paper that defends that currently unfashionable product, finite reinsurance. Shirley Beglinger, a former managing director at Swiss Re New Markets, argues that finite reinsurance is a rational response to an irrational environment.

She says that the short term outlook of accountants, actuaries and regulators makes it needlessly hard for insurers to build up long term reserves.

AIRMIC members will receive copies of her paper, The Perversity of Insurance Accounting: In Defence of Finite Reinsurance, published by the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation.