ALARM’s 2009 conference

Hot on the heels of the AIRMIC annual conference on 16 and 17 June at Bournemouth (see p 48) will come ALARM’s 2009 conference: From Global to Local, on 21 to 23 June, also at the Bournemouth International Centre.

The conference will look at the impact on the public sector of existing and emerging risks, and discuss ways for public services to stay one step ahead of the big risk trends.

It will include a business continuity management (BCM) track, reflecting the important role played by BCM during recent emergencies.

ALARM’s keynote speakers for 2009 come from the worlds of finance, show business and the Audit Commission: Roger Flynn is a former director and CEO of global companies such as Virgin, British Airways, Prudential and the BBC. Caspar Berry is a former child actor, who, through his understanding of psychology and risk, became a champion at the world’s top poker tables. John Kirkpatrick is director of policy, research and studies at the Audit Commission, and is closely involved with the

development of the Commission’s

guidance on risk related matters.