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    Aligning continuity planning with revenue sources


    Ken Davey discusses the findings of the 2003 Protecting Value Study

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    Risk And Reputation


    Reputation is a commercially valuable asset.

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    Staying In Business


    Thousands of UK financial services companies still have no business continuity plans in place

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    Behind Closed Doors,


    When litigation threatens your reputation

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    Back To Basics


    With the increasing focus on strategic and operational risks

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    The Meaning Of Risk


    In an ideal world, health and safety is an integral part of risk management strategies.

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    Fire Revisited


    Despite the fact that terrorism, reputations and corporate governance make bigger headlines

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    Staying In Business


    Maintaining business continuity in the face of a disaster has become a top-of-the-mind issue in an age of global competition, just-in-time delivery, single-source suppliers and lean-and-mean operation

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    Test Your Emergency Response


    How and when should you test your crisis plans - and why should you bother? asks Peter Power

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    Using Scenarios


    If you want to test your fundamental strategy or operational issues, scenario development may be the answer. Richard Eno explains

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    South Africa the HIV/Aids crisis


    Companies which source products in South Africa, or which have subsidiaries there, may need to face up to the growing problem of the country s HIV/AIDS pandemic.

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    Reputation and value


    A new study suggests that reputation and money do go together. Sue Copeman reports

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    Crisis management teams, who needs them?


    The more disturbing the situation, the stronger the urge to take refuge in familiar procedures.

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    Damage limitation


    Fiona Warin discusses communications strategies for damage limitation and the role of public relations.

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    Containing a crisis


    Any company can be hit by a crisis. The key to survival is managing your way out of it. And the first few hours can be vital.

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    Recovery's a disaster


    A survey by Performance Concepts, Continuity and Recovery 2000, finds that 92% of companies fail to update their disaster testing or planning after installing new systems.