Imagination is key to developing effective risk management solutions

Germany is Europe’s powerhouse - an industrial giant and global financial centre. It is the continent’s beating heart and remains Europe’s most important and influential country, both politically and economically.

Almost single-handedly, Germany is keeping the troubled eurozone from collapse, but at a price. While Germany’s economy continues to grow, it is being held back by weaker member nations such as Greece, whose presence in the eurozone threatens to undermine the entire single currency.

Politicians in Berlin maintain that all is well, but there is disquiet among ordinary members of the public who are growing tired of subsidising other countries unable to pay for their own financial follies and extravagances.

Germany is one of the world’s most developed countries and its insurance market operates at the highest level of sophistication and maturity.

Although Germany is a stable nation, however, the risk landscape is changing all the time for businesses, which include some of the best known multinationals. As such, insurers and companies are innovating constantly to develop more imaginative and effective solutions to risk management and mitigation.

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