StrategicRISK is inviting readers to a special webinar on 22 February where we will be putting intangible risks under the spotlight

From last year’s supply chain crisis to the non-damage business interruption arising from pandemic lockdowns and cyber outages. The past two years have dented balance sheets and shone a spotlight on the growing severity of intangible risk.

Over the past two decades, there has been a steady shift in the value of organisations’ assets away from the tangible (eg goods and premises) to the intangible (eg intellectual property and brand).

In fact, intangible assets now account for nearly 70% of total business value – roughly $11 trillion – where the world’s 50 largest corporations are concerned, according to Howden.

In a special webinar hosted by StrategicRISK, in partnership with Riskonnect, on 22 February we will be discussing some of the challenges organisations and risk professionals face when it comes to measuring and managing intangible risks.

This includes risks with systemic potential and exposures where regulation is expected to play an increasing role. Please join us for what promises to be a fascinating discussion. 

Ahead of the webinar, we are also asking readers to tell us which emerging risks are highest on their risk register and why. Please tell us what you think in this quick-fire survey and read the results in a special report in the Q1 edition.