Will a more holistic approach to business continuity improve your organisation’s score?


Since its launch in 2011, the IBM Business Continuity Index has been completed by organisations all over the world, enabling them to rate the performance and maturity of their business
continuity programmes against peer organisations and make informed decisions about their own continuity strategies.

Business continuity and resiliency are critical requirements of modern businesses, but they are not always well understood beyond departments with immediate programme responsibility.
By establishing a tangible focus for discussions about business continuity, the Business Continuity Index makes it easier for organisations to raise the internal profile of business continuity,
promote dialogue and drive new initiatives, process change and best practice.

It is easy to imagine a conversation between IT, business and executive teams on the need to raise a company’s rating in business continuity testing from aware to capable. Some IBM clients have also used it to facilitate conversations with key suppliers - exactly the kind of holistic focus needed in today’s complex, service-oriented business landscape.

A review of the results to date has already yielded some interesting statistics about the global state of business continuity and the key characteristics that indicate particular maturity or
exposure in continuity terms. The more people who complete the survey, the more detailed such insights will become. In this way the Business Continuity Index will repay repeated visits
and continue to deliver more insights over time.

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