Detailing the extent of computer security by country

ENISA (Europe’s network and information security agency) and Deloitte created this infographic and series of reports to give an overview of IT security in 30 countries around the world.

The UK’s report is available here.

According to ENISA the most dominant threats to IT in the UK are trojans and adware, accounting for 33.7% and 21.1% of computer infections respectively.

The most prevalent internet crimes cited by ENISA in the UK are virus attacks on a computer (34%), phishing attacks (22%), online identity theft (21%, up from 15% in 2008) and scam emails or websites (15%).

The report also detailed a number of future risks, including:

>>That organised criminals are increasingly using computers to commit crime

>>Private data transmitted between individuals and businesses, typically through payment processing, is vulnerable to attack

>>E-criminals are becoming more sophisticated, for example through the use of more advanced ?malware and botnets allowing them to steal more private

>>Online virtual worlds (like Second Life) and multiplayer online games create new opportunities for money laundering, criminal communications, and compromise of private data. These systems could be exploited by criminals for money laundering and identity theft