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  • Julia Graham

    Airmic 2023: Julia Graham - risk managers are centre stage in a world of permacrisis


    Are we in a state of polycrisis or permacrisis? Either way, it’s an interesting time to head up a risk management association. But Airmic CEO Julia Graham only sees this as an opportunity to spotlight the profession, tackling new and evolving risks with a spirit of collaboration.

  • Franck

    Franck Baron: why risk management needs a single professional standard


    Risk managers across Asia needed a place to bond and so chairman Franck Baron founded PARIMA. Ten years on, he is passing on the reins, but his commitment to binding the industry together remains strong

  • John Hurrell

    Leading the way on risk


    On the eve of Airmic’s golden jubilee, its chief executive is a calming and commanding presence with a vision for the next 50 years

  • Julia Graham

    Julia Graham


    DLA Piper’s chief risk officer has much to thank for a great career: underwriting, the eurozone crisis and a rebellious streak at school

  • Jorge Luzzi

    Jorge Luzzi

    The Pirelli risk manager and Ferma president shares his insights into the world of risk and the road to educational certification

  • Interview

    Guenter Droese

    Deutsche Bank Group’s global head of corporate insurance is deeply worried about the industry’s shift in focus from relationships to price

  • Sabrina Hartusch

    Managing risk in the fashion business: Sabrina Hartusch


    There’s more to the lingerie industry than meets the eye and, as Triumph’s global head of insurance reveals, the key to successful risk management lies in communication

  • Andrew Fenton

    Andrew Fenton


    MBDA’s head of risk on how the role is different for a defence contractor

  • John Keating

    John Keating


    Faced with managing risk across an enormous and highly complex network, J Sainsbury’s head of insurance and risk management, John Keating, takes a straightforward approach. ’We just keep things simple,’ he says

  • Christina Martinez

    Cristina Martinez


    We need to be less confident about our new intangible world, says the corporate director of risk at meat-processing multinational Campofrio

  • Christoph Schwager

    Christoph Schwager


    Risk? It’s fun, says the man in charge of risk management at EADS, one of the world’s riskiest companies

  • John Ludlow

    Born ready

    StrategicRISK’s European Risk Manager of the Year 2012 John Ludlow, of InterContinental Hotels, developed his risk management system while rescuing the Toby carvery chain. And it stood him in good stead through the unrest in Egypt during the Arab Spring

  • Martin Sijmons, Scania

    Am I insured for that?


    Effective risk management is not just about plants and buildings. There is also crime and other less predictable risks - such as product breakdown liability - to worry about, Scania’s Martin Sijmons believes

  • Marie-Eve Albertelli ADP

    Help the company to fly


    Risk management takes on a new dimension when you operate 14 airports and airfields. Marie-Eve Albertelli of Aéroports de Paris says the art of risk management is in making sure all levels of a business communicate

  • Arnout_van_der_Veer

    Europe’s risk leaders: follow in our footsteps


    As we enter a new year, 10 leading risk management professionals reveal how they reached their current position and their thoughts on a career in risk management

  • Rogelio Bautista Guardeño

    Lone ranger


    Rogelio Bautista Guardeño was Spanish company Abengoa’s first risk manager. Now he’s one of the few in Europe to really evolve his role beyond buying insurance. Is it time the rest caught up?

  • Michel Dennery

    Forging ahead


    Social imbalances will play a major part in future risk mitigation, GDF Suez deputy chief risk officer Michel Dennery believes, with ERM playing a critical role

  • Lennart Edstrom, head of group risk for Electrolux

    Here be dragons


    At sea, there’s no hiding place from possible disaster. The head of risk at Electrolux, Lennart Edström, thanks his early years in the Merchant Navy for helping him keep business afloat today

  • Interview

    The long road


    Paul Taylor’s risk management career has spanned nearly 40 years and has taken him across Europe, with some of the largest companies in big business. Who better, then, to take the reins as new Airmic chair?

  • Interview

    Well connected


    Manufacturing and laying sub-sea cables is a complex, big-money business. Luckily for group risk manager Alessandro De Felice, Prysmian takes its risk management very seriously