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  • Business deal work handshake people

    Parima 2016: Who to see and what they're saying


    StrategicRISK finds out what’s on the agenda for this year’s conference exhibitors

  • Marketing

    Latest risk and insurance jobs


    At StrategicRISK we often come across interesting risk management roles across the Asia-Pacific. We’ve created this webpage to keep this information in one place. If you would like to list a job here please email the details to 16 June 2017 Senior risk and ...

  • Malaysia Airlines

    Exclusive: Lessons from Malaysia Airlines MH370 and MH17


    Just days after the second anniversary of MH370’s disappearance, crisis director for MH370 and MH17 and head of the Malaysia Airlines post accident office, Fuad Sharuji, speaks to StrategicRISK about responding to two of the worst air disasters in history

  • Marketing

    Latest risk and insurance management jobs


    Below are some of the risk management jobs we’ve found listed on the web this week

  • Asia Risk Report Singapore

    Asia Risk Report: Singapore


    StrategicRISK examines the major challenges facing this tiny country with a predominantly services-oriented economy

  • indonesia asia report

    Asia Risk Report: Indonesia


    StrategicRISK looks at the major challenges to corporates operating in a country that has faced great uncertainty during two major polls held this year: the legislative members election and the presidential election.

  • japan asia report

    Asia Risk Report Japan


    StrategicRISK’s latest country report looks at the major challenges to corporates operating in a country that faces enormous threats from natural catastrophes and its own demographics.

  • StrategicRISK September edition

    StrategicRISK, Asia edition, Issue 5, September 2014


    The latest edition of StrategicRISK explores construction risk, people risks and risk management maturity

  • Hong Kong hit by typhoon

    Raising the standards


    Hong Kong authorities have been implementing regulatory changes, with an even stricter regime likely to emerge in coming years, but the territory’s close ties to mainland China mean that it is highly dependent on its big brother’s moves and plans

  • Linda Conrad

    The supply chain is key to performance


    The interconnectivity of today’s global economy poses major financial and reputational risks to companies. Strategies such as outsourcing, offshoring and just-in-time sourcing can create corporate efficiencies, but they can also increase vulnerabilities to supply chain disruptions and expose companies to global risks irrespective of where they are operating. Beyond the ...

  • Richard Abizaid

    Hong Kong is a hub to lend money into the Chinese mainland


    There is a vibrant credit and political risk market in Asia that can support the needs of banks and corporates lending to and investing in emerging and frontier markets globally. Indeed, one of the most dynamic and growing markets is in supporting organisations that are investing and lending into China ...

  • Nick Wildgoose

    Understanding supply chains


    Nick Wildgoose, Global supply chain product, manager, Zurich Insurance Group on supply chain risk management

  • Richard Abizaid

    Insuring uncertainty


    Richard Abizaid, Senior vice-president and regional manager, Asia Pacific, Credit and Political Risk, Zurich Insurance Company on political risk insurance

  • V. Harikes

    After the floods


    Despite Thailand’s political woes, the country’s insurance market has grown stronger since 2011

  • Daniel Tan Kuan Wei

    ‘You have to personalise the risk’


    MediaCorp risk manager Daniel Tan Kuan Wei knows that risk awareness is not only cultural, it can also be very personal

  • asia risk report 2013

    Asia Risk Report: 2013/14 Asia risk management benchmarking report

    Asia Risk Report is StrategicRISK ’s most extensive pan-Asia research project to date. It is the culmination of a series of country-specific events that focused on the risk-management challenges facing Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

  • Gordon Song

    Singapore’s Song sings risk management’s praises


    Tigerair ERM expert’s message is music to APAC ears

  • Eamonn Cunningham

    Innovation driven by customers


    Westfield chief risk officer Eamonn Cunningham has witnessed great changes in the retail sector’s customer demand and risk environment. Here he talks about reputational damage, regulation, business continuity and his firm’s approach to risk management

  • Marketing

    StrategicRISK interviews Enrico Bertagna at the Ferma Forum 2013


    Enrico Bertagna talks to StrategicRISK about Ferma related activities and Allied World’s plans for the future. Video: StrategicRISK interviews Enrico Bertagna at the Ferma Forum 2013