The British Standards Institution has published four environmental management reports aimed at industry and government. Each focuses on a topic and looks at its implications for corporate responsibility.

- Focus on climate change gives a detailed insight into climate change and explains how legislative policies and tools such as taxation and emission targets will affect businesses. It shows what steps can be taken to stay in line with the legislation.

- Focus on waste management uses examples and case studies to show how effective waste management benefits business, and gives advice on identifying areas of waste and on implementing simple operational procedures for reduction and control.

- Focus on environment and corporate responsibility describes the key mechanisms for the integration of corporate responsibility (CR) practices into everyday organisational thinking.

- Focus on sustainability and its implications for CSR explores what sustainability means, and especially what it means for business. It looks at the tools, techniques, standards and methodologies needed for sustainability, helping readers to determine which are most appropriate for their organisations. See: <a style="TEXT-DECORATION: none"href="" target="_blank"></a>