Randall Schreitmueller champions broker needs as FM Global’s first ever full-time manager of broker relations

FM Global has appointed Randall Schreitmueller to take on a newly created position of vice-president manager of broker relations.

The new role will see Schreitmueller leave his post as vice-president manager of global services and market relationships to become the first full-time manager of broker relations at the firm. 

He believes that the new role underlines the company’s ambition to develop long-term broker relationships on a worldwide basis.

Speaking to StrategicRISK, Schreitmueller said: “At this point FM Global has almost $4bn-worth of premium that comes to us through brokers so it is a very important sector to us. We thought it was about time to dedicate a full-time senior person to do that.”

He said: “It is still a people business, relationships with clients and with brokers are formed at a grass roots level.  We believe it is those local interactions that are probably most significant in creating good relationships. They are every bit as important as the executive level meetings we have from time to time.  I’m here to make sure both those things take place effectively.”

He added that while he has worked in this department on a part-time basis for almost 10 years, he hopes that taking on the role full time will send a positive message to the broker community that their professional needs will be championed.