New thinking

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    Mitigating the unintended consequences of technology


    Leesa Soulodre, chief innovation officer,  Inspirit IoT and adjunct faculty member at the Singapore Management University (SMU), argues more focus needs to be placed on establishing ethical principles and guidelines for the creation and deployment of new AI technologies.

  • natural-catastrophes

    Part one: Building resilience into modern organisations


    In the first of our three-part series, risk specialist Warren Black tells us why risk management in the modern age is harder than at any other time in history.

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    Intangible risk a tangible threat


    Do you know the value of intangible assets on your balance sheet? If not, read on. StrategicRISK spoke to EverEdge chief executive officer, Paul Adams to find out why this little-known risk could bring down your firm in a heartbeat.

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    Time to rebrand 'risk management' as 'certainty management'?


    Here at StrategicRISK, we love a good debate about risk management. Risk thought leader, Tim Leech, has some interesting thoughts on the rebranding risk management for your Board. Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

  • Norman Marks

    A basic principle most people don’t understand about risk


    In this new opinion piece renowned author, blogger and retired chief audit executive, Norman Marks explains why you may have been making a fundamental error in risk management

  • Hans Laessoe

    Don’t waste time managing risks


    Stop, collaborate and listen, Hans Læssøe is back with a brand new lesson. In his latest opinion piece, the principal consultant at AKTUS and former risk manager of The LEGO Group explains why things will never be the same again for risk managers.

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    How to overcome cognitive bias


    If we accept there is a cognitive bias in decision making, how can we as risk professionals account for this and help our senior executive make better bias-free decisions? Risk Academy’s Alex Sidorenko discusses.

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    Part three: Building resilience into a modern organisation


    In the final part of our series, risk specialist Warren Black explains how organsations can embed a systemic sense of resilience into organsations.

  • chess dispute

    Part two: Building resilience into modern organisations


    Organisational risk frameworks aspire to help their organisations become intelligently responsive  to the highly disruptive forces which emerge out of complex working systems, but what does this mean for risk managers? Risk specialist, Warren Black explains. 

  • Risk management

    To ERM or not to ERM?


    Is ERM valuable?  This was the theme of an online discussion hosted by Alex Sidorenko and Hans Læssøe.  StrategicRISK caught up with both risk practitioners ahead of the debate to find out more

  • Hans Laessoe

    The rise of Execution Risk Management and Decision Risk Management


    Hans Læssøe, principal consultant at AKTUS and former risk manager of Lego tells StrategicRISK how the effect of an ever-increasing speed of change adds and alters the demands for risk management – both in terms of what to do, and how to do it.

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    Four future risk management trends you need to know about today


    StrategicRISK spoke to Risk Academy chief executive officer, Alex Sidorenko, for some crystal ball gazing about what the future of risk management might look like

  • Norman Marks

    Why do we need risk management?


    Renowned author, blogger and retired chief audit executive, Norman Marks, questions why we need risk management and what role ERM plays.

  • Anna korbut article

    Future of risk: Learning to be ‘risk-intelligent’


    In the second of future of risk interviews, Anna Koburt, President of the Russian risk management association RusRisk, reviews the state of risk management today and how to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges