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The rise of the intangible economy and how its risks have grown

Traditional businesses and start-ups are increasingly made up of intangible assets but how do you protect and risk-manage something you can’t touch?


Rethinking business interruption for 21st century businesses

In a hyper-connected and globalised world, businesses are increasingly at risk of disruption by major events on the other side of the world. But does traditional business interruption (BI) insurance respond in these scenarios?

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When production grinds to a halt

Companies in highly-regulated sectors are demanding new risk transfer solutions for the disruption caused by regulatory intervention

Thomas Keist_Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

Expert view: Managing business interruption in the intangible economy

The risks of non-physical damage business interruption will likely increase as more businesses become asset light. So, what can risk managers do to ensure they capture and manage the risks? Thomas Keist, Head of Marketing, Innovative Risk Solutions at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, has this advise.

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From asset heavy to asset light: risk-managing AirAsia’s new digital business

Suchitra Narayanan, group head of risk and insurance, AirAsia Berhad, explains why the low-cost airline made the shift from being asset heavy to asset light and how the company’s risk profile has changed as a result

Kerala Floods

Beating down the cost of natural catastrophes

The economic cost of natural catastrophes is rising all the time, so how can businesses safeguard against costly risks?


Risks and rewards of a digital revolution

Advancing tech is set to bring us more information and capabilities than ever before. But, says AIG’s Sheri Wilbanks, with great data comes greater liability. We must come together to face this new world of risks.


Business interruption risks in the intangible economy

As the intangible business economy grows, so too do the risks, potentially causing costly business interruption

Loss in revenue

How risks to intangible assets could harm profits and revenue

The rise of the intangible economy could amplify your risks causing long-term loss in revenues and profits, so what can you do about it? Hans Laessoe, principal consultant at AKTUS and former senior director of risk at the LEGO Group, has this advice

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