RIMS responds to the rising trend of liberalising state gun laws

A new report highlights the problem of gun violence in US workplaces.

The US Constitution offers unique protections to the possession and carrying of firearms.

More than 30 States have laws liberalising the ability of individuals to carry concealed weapons.

Some States even go as far as barring employers from banning concealed weapons on their property.

‘More than three-quarters of workplace homicides are committed with guns,’ said the report from the ASIS Foundation.

The Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) argued employers should not be denied the right to determine who may be allowed on their premises and what reasonable conditions may be imposed on those persons, including a prohibition from transporting and storing firearms in locked vehicles.

RIMS said: ‘To protect workplace safety, employers must establish rules and policies applicable to employees and others who enter onto their work premises.’