Researchers have partnered to provide asset managers with enhanced analysis of the carbon performance of portfolios

Style Research and environmental research organisation, Trucost, have launched a partnership to provide analysis of the carbon performance of portfolios to fund managers worldwide.

The partnership means that even more asset managers have direct access to Trucost data, and can analyse the carbon impacts of portfolios, according to Style Research.

Asset managers can analyse the carbon performance of their equity portfolios against a chosen benchmark, such as the FTSE All-Share, S&P 500 or Russell 1000. The analysis indicates the extent to which a fund’s carbon impact varies from that of the benchmark. Funds with larger carbon footprints could have greater exposure to carbon costs imposed by policy measures to address climate change.

Chief executive of Style Research Robert Schwob said: ‘It is not very often that companies such as ours have the opportunity to do something clearly positive for both our industry and the community as a whole. I am extremely pleased that now, following a period of successful collaboration and development, Style Research is in a position to help make environmental data more widely available to investors and to contribute to the understanding of environmental issues. This is an important and very special addition to the range of analysis facilities available within Style Research services.’

Trucost chief executive Simon Thomas said: ‘The partnership will bring the carbon data that only Trucost can deliver to a wider audience. Managing portfolios’ exposure to the rising costs of carbon inefficiencies is increasingly important. By working with a major international provider of global portfolio analysis and market research like Style Research, more fund managers can directly access Trucost information about the carbon footprints of their portfolios.’