Camden Council's innovative and award-winning approach to risk management was praised by Camden's audit committee when a cross party group of councillors reviewed the council's risk management strateg

This strategy aims to ensure that all council managers and decision-makers consider the risk associated with their day-to-day work - whether it is caring for young people or providing a grant to an organisation.

The council received national recognition last year, winning the Best Strategic Approach to Risk Management award at the ALARM conference in June last year and being runner up in the LGC (Local Government Chronicle) finance award for risk management announced in November.

Camden Council's strategic approach to managing risk was developed by the internal audit and risk management division in the finance department and introduced in March 2004. It includes training initiatives, producing detailed guidelines for staff, developing information technology to identify and manage risk and a communications strategy in relation to risk matters to keep staff updated on issues that affect them and their work.

Cllr Arthur Graves, chair, audit committee, says: "I don't think the majority of Camden's stakeholders either understand risk management or even know it exists, but the work we do on this subject is of crucial importance to the people and businesses of Camden... I am keen we continue this excellent progress and with the rest of the committee will be continuing to look for ways in which we can improve our performance year on year."