The 16th conference of the Spanish Risk Managers' Association (AGERS) takes place in May, after a year which saw some devastating natural catastrophes, the disastrous typhoon season in the Caribbean a

The AGERS conference will look at three important aspects of catastrophic events:

- Can knowledge of nature help us to prevent catastrophes?
- Is the insurance market giving enough protection against them?
- What strategies should a risk manager use if his corporation has activities outside Spain, falling outside the protection given by the 'Consorcio'?

Following the destruction by fire of the Windsor building in the business area of Madrid and the resulting business interruption for those companies located in the building, the conference will also focus on risk management in the wake of such an event, covering assets recovery, and maintaining continuity.

Acknowledging that risks can be opportunities as well as threats, the conference will analyse how strategic risk management can create value for an enterprise. And it will cover the legal changes affecting enterprise risk management, in areas such as corporate social responsibility and the new international accountancy rules.


18 MAY: STRATEGIC ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT: How to add value through risk management
RISK MAPPING: What it is and how it is implemented; mapping tools
PROCESS ANALYSIS FOR RISK IDENTIFICATION: Its contribution to taking strategic decisions.
PANEL: THE LEGAL SURROUNDINGS - The project for corporate social responsibility; legal changes and new trends in directors' and officers' liability (D&O).
LIVING EXPERIENCES: Risk management at SPANAIR; corporate social responsibility in the US; D&O protection in the USA; an integrated system of environmental risk management; insurance protection for environmental risks.
ROUND TABLE ON GREAT NATURAL DISASTERS: catastrophic and geological risk mapping, the insurance market; the approach of a risk manager
LIVING EXPERIENCE: Deloitte - the day when the business continuity plan needs to be executed
ROUND TABLE ON THE 'WINDSOR EVENT' AND RISK MANAGEMENT: How to avoid or limit losses; prevention, protection and safety; how to plan for business continuity; assets recovery; insurance perspective; the vision of a risk manager.

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