Environmental groups have staged a campaign against Shell’s controversial Corrib gas project

Environmental campaigners continued to disrupt pipe-laying works off the coast of Glengad in County Mayo, Ireland, where Royal Dutch Shell is working on the Corrib Gas project.

A number of kayakers have taken to the sea to prevent diggers working on channel excavation in the bay. Attempts to board Shell dredgers have also led to the suspension of work and numerous arrests.

In the latest incident a kayaker from the environmental group Shell to Sea was arrested after he paddled his boat within dangerous distance of a Shell digger. Irish police reportedly detained the man.

“Shell's project shows a complete disregard for the principle of corporate responsibility.

A protester

Local community groups and environmental campaigners claim that Shell and local law enforcers have engaged in criminal violence to protect the gas pipeline project.

Meanwhile, in England, environmental supporters campaigned at the offices of one of Shell’s contractors on the project. In a demonstration in Newbury the group demanded that Van Oord immediately stop all work on the controversia project.

One protester said: ‘Van Oord’s continued participation in Shell’s project shows a complete disregard for the principle of corporate responsibility…They are condoning the use of extreme violence against ordinary people opposed to a dangerous development.’