The French risk management association made some important moves to support its members

More than 1550 delegates registered beforehand marking Strasbourg as a new attendance record for the French risk management association, AMRAE.

Last year focus had inevitably been drawn to the record beating Societe General fraud. This year discussions encompassed strategies for managing through the downturn and at a difficult time for risk managers the association made some important announcements.

One of these was the creation of a risk management training arm, the AMRAE Formation.

Second, AMRAE's president Gerard Lancner announced the creation of a think tank, the 'Observatoire des Risques'. He called on all participants in the sector to work together to help answer the challenges facing the profession.

AMRAE also launched the first edition of a risk manager barometer which it holds up as a benchmarking tool with which a risk manager can compare experience with the rest of their profession. Based on a survey of 150 risk managers, it plots the answers to questions of remuneration, position in the hierarchy, recruitment, training and specific missions within the enterprise.