A new research report, based on recent studies undertaken by Napier University's Centre for Mathematics and Statistics on behalf of Interactive Driving Systems, confirms the importance of road risk as

The studies were based on a large group of British Telecom van and company car drivers, who undertook an on-line RoadRISK assessment of their attitude, hazard perception, behaviour, knowledge and personal exposure. The studies aimed to:

- identify the drivers most at risk
- compare driver assessment scores against crash outcomes
- evaluate the ability of the RoadRISK assessment to predict crash outcomes
- compare the outcomes from self-reported crash data against insurance claims.

Results shows that a relatively small group of drivers were involved in a disproportionate number of crashes. There was a clear relationship between the RoadRISK driver assessment scores and crash outcomes. However, while the RoadRISK tool has the capability to be used as a predictor of likely crash outcomes, it should not be seen as a substitute for other best practice fleet risk management processes.

A free copy of the report and a demonstration of the RoadRISK system is available from willmurray@roadrisk.net