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    Managing risk in the recession


    Not surprisingly, the effects of the current economic recession on risk and risk management dominated the agenda. Managing change is a daily necessity in the crisis.

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    Turmoil, transparency and compliance


    The presidents discuss the effects of the financial crisis, transparency over broker remuneration and compliancy for global programmes

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    Presidents' Roundtable 2008


    The presidents of the European national risk management associations discuss the macroeconomic risks that individual countries, let alone companies, cannot control, plus the impact of globalisation and the fast pace of change

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    Presidents' Roundtable 2007: Evolving risks


    The comparatively short-term focus of management boards and national governments means that the implications of long-term risks are not being taken into account despite the fact that dealing with them now would actually save overall costs

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    Policing your supply chain


    Well, do you need to police it, or will a strategic partnership relationship work much better? This was one of the questions addressed by our roundtable participants

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    Risk retention


    Deciding how much risk to retain can be a challenging balancing act. You have to take account of a wide range of factors including the operational as well as the financial elements

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    Absence management


    All the statistics show that absence management is a win-win strategy. Employers reduce not just their employee-related claims but also a whole raft of other costs, both direct and indirect, associated with having people off work

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    Emerging risks


    You can plan for the unexpected – even for the most unlikely event, provided it is on your risk radar. But what about those things that you know might cause a loss but whose cause and impact are so far unproven?

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    Corporate governance


    In the last 10 years we have seen a plethora of corporate governance regulations and legislation, both nationally and globally. The growing focus on risk controls and reporting may be increasing the importance of the risk manager’s role, but it also poses some challenges

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    Managing your liabilities


    Interestingly, our panel of experts was divided as to whether the much talked about UK compensation culture was as widespread as it is made out to be

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    Developing a risk culture


    Financial institutions, perhaps more than any other business sector, today face the need to comply with a myriad of regulations which inevitably touch upon if not directly impact their risk management and corporate governance

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    GENEVA: The future for risk management in Switzerland


    On the last day of September, Swiss-based risk managers gathered at the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva on the eve of the FERMA conference for StrategicRisk’s latest roundtable.

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    Beat Affolter, (Chair) Director of Risk and Insurance management, Schweizerische Post Franck Baron, Vice president, Risk management & Insurance, Firmenich Marcel Eckerle, Marine Underwriting manager, ACE Switzerland Philippe Guerry, Risk manager, Maus Frères Michael Heimburger, Director international Risk management & Insurance, Kraft Foods Maurizio Micale, Corporate risk management & Insurance ...

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    Definitions and perceptions


    There are a plethora of definitions of enterprise risk management (ERM). Many of them focus on process, rather than looking at what ERM actually seeks to achieve

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    Roundtable Part 4


    Ralf Oelssner: I propose that we look now at D&O. Hans Jörg Schill: That can be dealt with fairly easily. If it comes to a claim, the insurers point to an exclusion, if not to a violation of the pre-contractual duty to disclosure. If that does not come in, then ...

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    Roundtable Part 3


    Günter Dröse: If you look at Solvency II and Basel II, there is also the question of the financial conglomerates. That will be really interesting later with the way equity capital is allocated. The FSA has already promised that it will push for banks to give insurers in their groups ...

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    Roundtable Part 2


    Günter Schlicht: I would just like to say one thing about Mr Fromme’s remark – you lit the fire and now you must live with the consequences. Briefly to firelighting, we did in fact light a fire in the sense that at the beginning of the decade we spoke out ...

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    Roundtable Part 1


    Ralf Oelssner: Good day, ladies and gentlemen, colleagues. We all know what we want to do. We want to talk about the future of German industrial insurance. If you agree, we will start with Europe, and thus with the EU Commission’s analysis of the industrial insurance sector.I expect that most ...

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    Ralf Oelssner, Vice President, Corporate Insurance, Lufthansa German Airlines Hans-Jurgen Allerdissen, Managing Director, Deutsche Verkehrs Assekuranz-Vermittlungs-GmbH, Insurance Brokers, Deutsche Bahn Group Andreas Berger, Global Head of Market Management & Communication, Allianz Global Corporate & Speciality AG Gunter Drose, Managing Director, Deukona Versicherungs-und-Vermittlungs-GmbH, Deutsche Bank Group, Corporate Insurance / Risk Management ...

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    Trends in German Industrial Insurance –an inside out perspective


    Large German industrial companies are worried about the efforts of the EU Commission to set up stricter rules for industrial insurance along the lines of consumer protection systems