Cyber risks and business interruption top risk ranking as the biggest risks to corporates

Cyber and BI risks are increasingly interlinked as ransomware attacks or accidental IT outages often result in disruption of operations and services, costing hundreds of millions of dollars, warn AGCS on the launch of its Risk Barometer 2019


Push for better building standards to continue in 2019

Following on from the Grenfell tragedy in 2017 and significant flooding in the UK, Concordia Consultancy chairman, Paul May FIRM says this is an area that will continue to be one of note for risk managers in 2019


Why crypto is the one to watch in 2019

Alexander Larsen CFIRM, president of Baldwin Global Risk Services Ltd., and IRM trainer and chair of the IRM’s energy special interest group talks about three areas risk managers should be focussing their attention in 2019.

Hans Laessoe

Re-branding ‘risk management’ to ‘success assurance’

Are old-school risk management approaches such as risk matrices and heatmaps preventing it from being seen as driver to business performance? Hans Læssøe principal consultant at AKTUS and former risk manager of The LEGO Group, provides his advice for reinventing risk management


Lloyd's responds to cyber hackers' 'fresh threat'

It relates to a previous incident that was discovered last year by a specialist law firm working with Hiscox


‘Positive’ risk managers play a central role: StrategicRISK survey

A new survey conducted by StrategicRisk Asia-Pacific and leading risk consultant Gareth Byatt reveals risk managers in Asia are happy with the level of coverage and integration in their business, and believe their organisation actively considers risk in decision-making


Five risk principles all risk managers should adopt

Will a redirection of our basic principles of risk management add the value we need? Jonathan Blackhurst, head of risk management at Capita, boils it down into five key steps


How corporates get derailed and what risk managers can do to ensure it doesn’t happen to them

Economic and corporate crises in our recent history have taught us that solid risk management, communicated effectively to the top, works. Yet often, it never reaches the decision makers, writes Jonathan Blackhurst, head of risk management at Capita

car share

Managing the risks of the on-demand and sharing economies

In the sharing and on-demand economies, customers have the upper hand, and they are using this to drive prices down and standards up. Companies must be proactive as they enter a whole new world of risk.

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