Brexit, uncertainty, and values at risk: the top five risk management lessons

There is no question that Brexit is a monumental case of either risk management or the lack of it. What, then, can my academic discipline offer to those embroiled in this frustrating combination of labyrinth and quicksand? asks Anette Mikes, professor at HEC - Université de Lausanne


Is our current thinking of risk management ineffective and flawed?

“ERM needs to be aligned with our company’s strategy”; “We must engage and clearly articulate risk to stakeholders.” These perennially used phrases aren’t untrue of risk management, but why don’t we say more, create more and aim to be multidisciplinary? asks Gabriel Souza, risk management specialist

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Assessing the effectiveness of your risk management programme

In 2008, when FIs were in trouble, the UK banks decided to stop making loans. They brought their ‘risk appetite’ down to very low levels. But if their risk management programme had been assessed using the right criteria, could the situation be different? asks Norman Marks, renowned risk management author

global risk

Brexit, global trade wars, climate change, ageing populations and new technology: the five drivers to an unpredictable world

Business leaders believe that the world is becoming less predictable, posing a threat to revenue


Cyber insurance to face another test after Hydro hack

One of the largest aluminium producers in the world, Norway’s Hydro, is set to put cyber insurers to the test after a massive ransomware attack shut down the multinational’s operations

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Challenge and change or be replaced by robots

There is no greater ammunition for #ChangingRisk than the opportunities presented by new technology. We must use it to enhance and evolve risk management practices or we risk becoming obsolete, writes Philippe Cotelle, board member of Ferma and Amrae

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Risk managers can become facilitators to strategic decisions by taking these key steps

To influence, risk managers must challenge the quality, prudence, and value of executive decisions, but many may feel untrained to do so. In this video interview, Hans Læssøe, principal consultant at AKTUS and former risk manager of The LEGO Group, walks us through the steps


Marsh owners issue further $1.1bn notes offering to acquire JLT

Marsh’s acquisition of JLT is expected to be finalised on 21 March subject to customary conditions and the new notes offering is in addition to a $5bn notes issuance announced in January


Three fatal mistakes corporate risk managers make

A new paradigm in risk management is beginning to take shape, with more professionals talking about a shift to risk-based decision making and culture. But this has also uncovered some ugly truths about how we apply risk management in our businesses, writes Alex Sidorenko, chief executive of Risk Academy

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