Special report: environmental bonds


If a site suffers an environmental accident, the operator is liable for clean-up – even if insolvent. Environmental bonds let you breathe, knowing your costs, and your reputation, are covered.

Special report: renewable energy


European countries are embracing renewable energy and investment is booming. But there is no reason to throw caution to the wind. Surety bonds provide the protection green energy companies need

Special report: digitalised industry


Production lines and power plants are now using digitalisation to predict and prevent issues before they happen, remove human error and limit costly shutdowns. Introducing: the smart factory


Managing modern-day construction risks


The past 24 months have been turbulent for the construction industry. On 14 July, the 24-storey, Grenfell Tower, broke out in flames, causing millions of pounds of damage and widespread social unrest. Seven months later, the construction industry would experience another disaster: Carillion, the second largest in the UK, plunged ...

Corporate culture-1

Special report: corporate culture


Risk management is at a turning point, pivoting from an operational to a strategic role. Corporate culture – the way risk is treated and the way we treat those involved in loss events – is critical to that change.


Special report: manufacturing


Industry 4.0 heralds the biggest change to production processes in more than 200 years. It offers unprecedented opportunities but companies must balance these against a complex downside

Amrae report cover

Risk managers challenged by new risks


StrategicRISK outlines the main talking points from AMRAE 2017

Sreurope knowledge cover

The Knowledge: people risk


StrategicRISK’s latest survey shows that only 42% of risk managers consider people risks as a top 5 risk for their business. What are the biggest people risks companies face and how can these be managed effectively?

Qbe brexit november2016 v2 1

Brexit: what next for business?


StrategicRISK’s latest Brexit report looks at what challenges lie ahead for the UK, Europe and businesses now that the UK has decided to leave the European Union

Aig special report final 1

Special report: D&O


Brexit has the potential to have serious implications for D&O and trade credit risks and risk managers are urged to take a more proactive approach in managing them

01 sreu knowledge16 web cover

The Knowledge: risk management information systems


StrategicRISK’s latest survey shows 82% of risk managers use an RMIS. What are the systems’ standout strengths and weaknesses, and what does the future hold?

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Special report: Latest on cyber risk


Recognising that cyber crime is changing and set to increase in frequency and sophistication will ultimately help companies deal with this threat

Environmental risk final 1

Latest briefing: Managing environmental risk


Environmental risk involves a wider range of issues than are often expected – organisations need to be clear on what the main risks are and what their insurance policy covers

Ace special report diversity fc

Special report: diversity in risk and insurance


The industry has made a start but there’s still a great deal left to do

Brexit report cover

SR Forum: the key risks of Brexit


StrategicRISK organised a half-day event in April to assess the key risks of Brexit

30  sreurope winter15 1

Special report: natural catastrophes


Risk managers and insurers are getting better at quantifying and evaluating earthquake risk

The knowledge cover

The Knowledge: Top 10 European risks


For Europe’s risk professionals, the 10 most likely threats include four related to economic factors – but technology and geopolitics are big concerns too

Special report small political violence

Special report: terrorism and political violence


Businesses should pay attention to politically unstable environments and maintain situational awareness

n africa 2015

Special Report: North Africa Risk & Insurance Guide 2015


StrategicRISK & Global Reinsurance, in association with ACE, review the latest developments in (re)insurance and risk management across North Africa

Special report: Marine

Special report: getting the right cover for marine transportation


Insurance coverage remains crucial, but so too is an increased understanding of the changing risk landscape

special report

Special report: Climate change


StrategicRISK’s latest special report explores the impact of climate change on corporate interests, such as the frequency of extreme weather events and how the insurance market is supporting businesses

FERMA special report

Special report − FERMA at 40


To commemorate FERMA’s 40th anniversary, StrategicRISK charts the rise of the association with a special report that includes interviews with its current president and former leaders and an analysis of its certification project

Cyber report

ACE Special report: cyber, an existential threat


Cyber risk lays a company’s reputation on the line, so directors need to ensure they are dealing with it effectively

ACE Special report: environment

Special report: Environmental risks


International businesses can no longer afford to ignore environmental issues and need to make sure they keep track of constantly shifting rules and regulations and review their exposure to the risk

Special report business travel

Special Report: Business Travel Risks


Increasing numbers of companies are investing in business travel, but there are risks as well as benefits, with each destination carrying its own issues

Special Report: Trade Credit Risk


The trade credit insurance market has had to rebuild its reputation in the aftermath of the banking crisis, so credit insurers are focusing their attention on product innovation

A supply chain through risk engineering is essential to understand a business's exposure

Special Report: Risk engineering


Risk engineering consultants can give management a clear idea of where the risks to their operations lie on a global scale and how to deal with them


Special Report: Fraud risks


Fraud against private enterprises is draining billions from UK businesses, and increasingly it is thecompanies’ own management that are responsible

Guernsey continues to be Europe’s leading destination for captives

Special Report: Captives


What effect is the uncertainty surrounding the implementation of Solvency II having on the captive industry?