Crewman with broken leg and non essential crew airlifted from vessel by coastguard helicopter

The UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency reported on Sunday evening that a general cargo vessel, the Greek registered ‘Ice Prince’, was in difficulties mid channel.

Brixham Coastguard was informed that vessel, heading for Alexandria, was drifting at a 40-degree angle and without power 35 miles south east of Devon’s Start Point.

The vessel's crew reported that the 'Ice Prince' was rolling heavily in very poor weather.

The ship was carrying 5258 metric tons of sawn timber which shifted but there were no reports of any cargo being lost to the sea.

The Master on board confirmed the ship had navigation lights working off emergency batteries.

A Coastguard rescue helicopter evacuated 15 non essential crew plus a crewman who had broken his leg in the darkness on board the vessel.