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Why risk managers must take stock of their firms’ geopolitical impact

By David Claridge, CEO of Dragonfly

David Claridge, CEO of Dragonfly, explores why companies may be unwitting political actors and how risk managers can deal with the exposures this creates

Risk watch

Regulation watch: What do CSDD changes mean for risk managers

By Charles Low, Head of EU Affairs and Typhaine Beaupérin, Chief Executive Officer, FERMA

In the first in a series of FERMA updates from Brussels, Charles Low, Head of EU Affairs and Typhaine Beaupérin, Chief Executive Officer, FERMA, explore the latest updates to the Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence and what risk managers must do next

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Unveiling the future of risk management: the 2023 RMIS Panorama

By François Beaume, VP digital transformation at Amrae

François Beaume, VP digital transformation at Amrae, explores how this year’s Panorma survey can help risk managers leverage technology, to better mitigate threats

FCA Compliance

How risk managers can prepare for the imminent Consumer Duty deadline

By Ryan Knapton, ERM implementation project manager at Protecht

Risk functions need to integrate consumer duty requirements into their frameworks and day-to-day routines. Ryan Knapton, ERM implementation project manager at Protecht explores how this can be achieved.

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How to build an effective incident response plan

Risk managers are waking up to the realisation that cyber attacks are inevitable, Mark Lamb, CEO of HighGround.io, explains how to prepare

Risk leaders


Time to be risk leaders

As we adapt to the era of ‘perma-crisis’, the business rationale for pushing risk management up the strategic hierarchy has never been clearer

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Curious by nature

From financial services to public servant, Andrew Methven’s search for answers has driven his career in risk

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Building resilience into the food and beverage supply chain

Supply chain financing can protect against the financial vulnerability of primary producers and avoid future disruptions

Team work

Leadership and risk culture: setting a course for success

At its most fundamental level, a good risk culture encourages curiosity, opportunity, swift problem spotting and trust, writes Sheena Thomson

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Russia, Ukraine and Africa: Against the Grain

Is Russia’s war in Ukraine a localised conflict, a regional war, or a global disaster?


SR Q1 2023: Look out, listen out, speak out

One thing risk professionals know only too well is that history has a nasty habit of repeating itself


SR Q4 2022: Thriving or surviving?

As we approach year-end, it is clear 2022 has offered no reprieve from shocks and cascading risks


SR Q3 2022: Inflation - staying grounded

Even the risk community isn’t keen on trying to predict the next crisis, as each one seems to have a cascade effect


StrategicRISK Q2 2022: It just won’t wash

Organisations are racing to declare their sustainable credentials… but should they tread more carefully?


StrategicRISK Airmic 2022: Sink or swim

Taking ESG responsibilities seriously could help build greater resilience. This, and much more, in our special Airmic edition