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Renewable Energy

Three emerging risks facing renewable energy companies

Risk managers working in the renewables sector must face up to the ever growing risks presented by geopolitics, climate change and cyber interruption.

economic Depression and Recession

How risk managers are preparing the possibility of a recession

As some market experts report hearing the distant, but undoubtedly chilling, growls of an approaching global downturn, we ask how much risk managers can really do to protect their businesses from being savaged.


Allianz pledge half a billion euros towards frontline coronavirus aid

The fund’s main goal is to support those working in the areas most hit by the epidemic in China’s Hubei Province and aid will consist of medical supplies, donations and insurance protection.


5 cyber security trends for 2020

The focus is now firmly on the customer and offering them better service and better protection, particularly with the new paradigm of “everything-as-a-service” – where everything is offered in cloud-based, consumer-based models.


How WeWork got ‘bringing home the bacon’ all wrong

As WeWork prepares to shed its risky wild child image and take on a new CEO, our editor Lauren Gow reflects on where the issues began with this workplace upstart.

The Journal


The Journal: Business interruption

StrategicRISK and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions launch the second edition of The Journal examining business interruption

Risk leaders


Can he fix it?

A life-long drive to discover what is broken and make it right has taken BHP’s Robb Eadie all around the world. Now his sights are set on transforming the risk profession. Meet: The fixer.

Screenshot 2019-10-03 at 17.20.02

Renaissance woman

For Suchitra Narayanan – accomplished dancer, nimble-footed, creative risk manager, and the 2019 StrategicRISK Awards’ leading lady – risk management is a dance, and being part of changing risk her most captivating performance yet


New dimensions in risk

Just before the start of this year’s GVNW symposium, GVNW board member and FERMA’s president-elect spoke to StrategicRISK about how he will aim for the future, with a pinch of digitalisation and an eye to the next generation

Tim Murray_profile

Perception is king

A ‘stuffy’, ‘data-led’, ‘paper-driven’ profession is what some believe risk management to be. But it is a perception far from the truth, and Tim Murray, Airmic’s new chair, is on a mission to let everyone know what risk management really is about. Sara Benwell reports

Philippe Cotelle 1_cropped

The science guy

Smart technologies, while great for business, are also increasing our exposure to cyber risks. But Airbus Defence and Space’s risk manager Philippe Cotelle says it’s not rocket science. His approach to cyber risk is influencing our entire industry. His first lesson? Make the tech guys your new best friends