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How to talk to your CEO about risk management

If you want to engage your chief executive, drop the risk talk and focus on what they care about most: making effective decisions, says former chief executive, risk manager and author, Julian Talbot

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Beyond a one-stop shop

The pitfalls to buying business travel insurance for employees are plenty. But insurers have taken note and are offering blended but robust and bespoke coverage, says Ian Robinson, head of UK personal insurance, AIG

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In tech we must trust

No matter how sophisticated, security technology only keeps people safe if they use it. How do you ensure staff engage with the tech you develop?

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Avoid a tug of war

HR and risk departments may both be seeking to protect employees from conflict overseas, but must beware the conflict among themselves

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Build a security culture

How do you foster threat awareness and guard against complacency among your travelling workforce? We get the lowdown from Tess Baker, director at crisis prevention and response consultancy NYA – AIG’s service partner in crisis management

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The rise of cyber terror

Terrorist groups targeting business and even governments with ransomware and data theft could wreak misery and mayhem. But there are ways to armour up

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The revolution marches on


Our #ChangingRisk campaign continues to inspire our community to push ever forward, applying serious energy to discovering what risk management’s future must be

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Data is the future of effective risk management

2019-09-17T13:57:00+01:00By Sara Benwell

Traditional approaches to risk fail to resonate with senior managers, they are too “subjective” and ”anecdotal”. And if they dismiss risk management, it is because they lack understanding. So, the answer? We need to embark on #ChangingRisk with the use of data, says Danny Wong, CEO of Goat Risk Solutions

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The myths that hold risk managers back from making a difference at the top table


“I look after strategic risk and you look after operational risk”. When you place risk management into categories, you stop performing ERM and prevent yourself from helping the board make risk-intelligent decisions. Here’s Sarah Gordon’s (chief executive of Satarla) take on #ChangingRisk and influencing decision-making

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#ChangingRisk at GVNW 2019


We set up shop in Munich to discuss what needs to change to help risk management move up the risk maturity curve. Here, four risk managers at this year’s symposium give their impassioned views


Less talk, more action


To transform risk management and ensure we are effectively #ChangingRisk, we have to “look in the mirror and ask, what can you do better?” says Alexander Mahnke, president of GVNW and CEO Insurance (Controlling & Finance, Financing) at Siemens

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A new dawn for the construction industry

As the world’s population continue to grow, demand for enhanced and new infrastructure has never been greater. This poses many challenges and intensifies the risks of project delays and cost overruns. But the tech revolution is bringing fresh new opportunities, albeit slowly


Printing grand designs

Highly cost-effective, energy-efficient, fast – 3D printing could be the future of homebuilding. But is the technology too new for insurers?


Cyber protection? Still under construction

Contractors and construction sites are becoming more digitised – leaving them exposed to cyber risks. But why would a hacker target a construction contractor?


Can construction truly go green?

After a sustained push to improve the energy efficiency of homes and offices, the focus has now shifted to the construction companies that build them – and they are not performing well


Expert view: A trusted partnership pays claims quicker

Construction claims can be highly intricate and, on occasion, contentious. In such situations, being able to build trust between key stakeholders within the claims process is vital if you are to achieve successful outcomes, says Jonathan Sargent, head of wholesale property & casualty claims, EMEA, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

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The Journal


The Journal: Business interruption


StrategicRISK and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions launch the second edition of The Journal examining business interruption


StrategicRISK The Journal: Product recall


The first edition of The Journal examines product recall risk.

Risk leaders


Can he fix it?

A life-long drive to discover what is broken and make it right has taken BHP’s Robb Eadie all around the world. Now his sights are set on transforming the risk profession. Meet: The fixer.

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Renaissance woman

For Suchitra Narayanan – accomplished dancer, nimble-footed, creative risk manager, and the 2019 StrategicRISK Awards’ leading lady – risk management is a dance, and being part of changing risk her most captivating performance yet


New dimensions in risk

Just before the start of this year’s GVNW symposium, GVNW board member and FERMA’s president-elect spoke to StrategicRISK about how he will aim for the future, with a pinch of digitalisation and an eye to the next generation

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Perception is king

A ‘stuffy’, ‘data-led’, ‘paper-driven’ profession is what some believe risk management to be. But it is a perception far from the truth, and Tim Murray, Airmic’s new chair, is on a mission to let everyone know what risk management really is about. Sara Benwell reports

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The science guy

Smart technology while great for business are also increasing our exposure to cyber risks. But Airbus Defence and Space’s risk manager Philippe Cotelle says it’s not rocket science. His approach to cyber risk is influencing our entire industry. His first lesson? Make the tech guys your new best friends