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Promoting risk engineering as part of a healthy risk culture

Nat cats cannot be avoided, but risk engineering plays an important role in reducing their site-specific impact

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Cyber, risk and compliance: what does 2022 hold?

Stakeholders now expect companies to understand their relationship with the world around them

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Minimising the risk of thermal runaway in renewable batteries

With modern applications of  lithium-ion batteries relatively new, we’re just beginning to understand the implications of thermal runaway

Alex Sidorenko

Your RAW2021 recap

Better and greener decision making through risk management was the timely theme for Risk Awareness Week 2021

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Should insurers lead the climate march?

If the politicians won’t go to battle against climate change, maybe insurers have the power to drive behavioural change

The Journal

The Journal - Web Tile 1800x1200 - Construction Risk

The Journal, 3rd Edition - Construction risk

StrategicRISK and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions launch the third edition of The Journal examining construction risk.


The Journal, 2nd edition: Business interruption

StrategicRISK and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions launch the second edition of The Journal examining business interruption risk.


The Journal, 1st edition: Product recall

StrategicRISK and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions launch the first edition of The Journal examining product recall risk.



Latest risk management jobs

Looking for a new risk role? Here are the jobs we’ve found online this week

Risk leaders

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The next wave of climate litigation

Nigel Brook explains why climate litigation risk needs to be on every corporate risk manager’s radar

OCT 2021 SACYR Cristina Martinez

The changemaker

Cristina Martinez Garcia of Sacyr is on a mission to put a positive spin on the risk manager role

Pascal Matthey 2

The reinvention of supply chains

Near shoring and technology will shape the post-COVID supply chain, thinks AXA XL’s Pascal Matthey

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The aggregate risk potential of a SPOF

Kaseya has confirmed that supply chain attacks are now firmly in the sights of cybercriminals, says CyberCube’s Darren Thomson


ESG champion

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions’ Jonathan Rake explains why real innovation in insurance has never been more important