Political risks on the radar – Marsh

Marsh’s Richard Smith-Bingham says clients are worried about Brexit and other political risks

Liverpool acc

Tech risk needs creative response - Airmic panel

Technology poses “biggest challenge” to risk managers, expert tells Airmic panel

Ailsa King homepage

Intangible threats moving insurers closer to risk management

Marsh’s chief client officer Ailsa King said insurers will put more focus on risk mitigation efforts to cope with intangible risks


Human error lesson learnt when Ryanair flight FR-9672 avoided a fatal collision

The airline’s near-miss in 2005 places human performance integrity risks at the centre of discussion at a StrategicRISK roundtable

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Swiss Re-corporate culture

Special report: corporate culture


Risk management is at a turning point, pivoting from an operational to a strategic role. Corporate culture – the way risk is treated and the way we treat those involved in loss events – is critical to that change.

Interconnected risk roundtable cover

Latest briefing: interconnected risk


In today’s complex world, one risk leads to another. So how should businesses deal with these knock-on effects?

01 sreu cyber16 cover image

Guide to: cyber risks


Cyber crime used to be a rarity, with physical break-ins par for the course, but the new breed of highly sophisticated criminal makes the swiping of data tapes seem quaint. In this guide, we look at the evolving cyber risk landscape

People risk for the web 1

Guide to: people risks


People are the biggest single asset of any business and need to be managed with care. They are the lifeblood of companies and represent both the past and, most importantly, the future. In this StrategcRISK Guide to People Risk, we look at some of the main issues around human capital ...


Chip Cunliffe XL Catlin

Reducing risk from a changing ocean


Leaders from across the political, economic, environmental and risk sectors gathered in Bermuda in May for the first Ocean Risk Summit

John ludlow airmic

Pre-Airmic interview with John Ludlow


The future is now, as roads converge on digital revolution, Airmic’s chief executive John Ludlow tells StrategicRISK

Earth from space

Risk management lessons from the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster


Mike Lutomski, former International Space Station risk manager, spoke to StrategicRISK about one of NASA’s most tragic losses in space


St George's Bermuda

Brokers suggest Bermuda for insuring GDPR fines


Bermuda was cited by underwriters at several large insurers, speaking to StrategicRISK  about potential jurisdictions outside the EU that could be used to insure GDPR fines

i stock cyber circuit 620x413

Cyber insurance to grow to $4bn by 2021 – Aon


Cyber insurance premium has grown at 23% annually on average over the past five years, according to Aon


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Whirlpool tumble dryers and fire safety


Opinion: This article looks at the impact on the company’s reputation and what, in my view, could have been done to mitigate the negative publicity. By Shane Russell, crisis management specialist, red24assist


Crowded street

Being prepared for the terrorist risk in Europe


Europe has continued to be subjected to terrorist attacks from various terrorist groups. What actions can organisations in Europe take to help them prepare for the possibility of a terrorist attack occurring that may impact their people and operations?

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