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Grey swan

Report quantifies reputational impact of ‘grey swans’

In over 10% of crises in recent years - including COVID-19, 9/11 and the GFC - more than 50% of shareholder value was destroyed


SR_web_Oliver Chapman

Unpicking the Greensill collapse

Did fintech superstardom enable the Greensill collapse and fallout and could it all have been prevented?

SR_web_Julia Salmond

What COVID-19 taught us about supply chain risks

News reports of supply chain disruption increased by almost 2000% following the start of the pandemic

SR_web_Eddie Doyle

The art of the con

Cyber security strategist Eddie Doyle explains how social engineering attacks prey on individuals’ vulnerabilities

SR_web_Michael Beaumont

Managing the vaccine supply chain

It’s clear that freezer failure is going to be a significant risk to the smooth execution of this critical vaccination program

SR_web_Helene Galy

COVID-19 is no black swan

In the case of Covid-19, we had evidence the wolf was already in the herd, if only the shepherd had taken a closer look

The Journal

The Journal - Web Tile 1800x1200 - Construction Risk

The Journal, 3rd Edition - Construction risk

StrategicRISK and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions launch the third edition of The Journal examining construction risk.


The Journal, 2nd edition: Business interruption

StrategicRISK and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions launch the second edition of The Journal examining business interruption risk.


The Journal, 1st edition: Product recall

StrategicRISK and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions launch the first edition of The Journal examining product recall risk.



Latest risk management jobs

Looking for a new risk role? Here are the jobs we’ve found online this week

Risk leaders

FERMA-AG 2019-8219_valentina_paduano

Generation ERM

Part of the next generation of risk managers promoting the holistic approach, Sogefi Group’s Valentina Paduano believes it is time to rethink your methods

Women leadership

Bringing more women on board

Suzanne Sangiovese shares her thoughts on women’s risk leadership opportunities on International Women’s Day

pandemic solution

NDBI: Exposed and unprotected

Caroline Woolley explains why it’s much better to play ‘let’s pretend you have a loss’, than trying to deal with expectation gaps after an event


In support of a green economy

Europe suffers from some of the most severe fossil-fuel-company insured losses in the world, according to PCS data


Amrae: Time for insurers to rebuild trust

Ahead of Amrae’s virtual conference on 3 and 4 February, StrategicRISK spoke to the French risk association’s president Oliver Wild