Cyber risks and business interruption top risk ranking as the biggest risks to corporates

Cyber and BI risks are increasingly interlinked as ransomware attacks or accidental IT outages often result in disruption of operations and services, costing hundreds of millions of dollars, warn AGCS on the launch of its Risk Barometer 2019

  • Flood

    Push for better building standards to continue in 2019


    Following on from the Grenfell tragedy in 2017 and significant flooding in the UK, Concordia Consultancy chairman, Paul May FIRM says this is an area that will continue to be one of note for risk managers in 2019

  • Bitcoin-CredittoReuters

    Why crypto is the one to watch in 2019


    Alexander Larsen CFIRM, president of Baldwin Global Risk Services Ltd., and IRM trainer and chair of the IRM’s energy special interest group talks about three areas risk managers should be focussing their attention in 2019.

  • Roberta Prentice

    The life of a risk culture manager


    Westpac New Zealand’s senior manager, conduct risk and risk culture, Roberta Prentice tells us what working in risk is really like and how the IRM certification has assisted her career.

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Risk leaders

Nigel Tay-StarHub_forweb

Bright young star

Risk managers all love a nice long risk document, right? Not so StarHub’s Nigel Tay. Meet the man bringing on-the-ground collaboration, agile process and even fun to corporate risk management. Trust us, you’ll like him.

Patrick Smith

How Patrick Smith is managing Deliveroo’s intangible risks

Much more than a food delivery service, Deliveroo serves up vast amounts of big data – and fresh new risks – daily. It relies on business resilience leader Patrick Smith to stay creative.

Hans-Joerg Schill

Ever wondered how airports keep millions of passengers safe? Risk manager, Hans Joerg Schill, tells us how

Managing Fraport AG’s vast insurance operations, with its sky-high risks, is not a job for the faint of heart. Thankfully, managing director Hans Joerg Schill is always pushing the envelope


King of the road

Transurban’s troubleshooting guru Karl Davey exudes an air of calm and flexibility that helps him navigate all of risk’s diversions. With him at the helm, we’re all a little safer.

New thinking in risk


Mitigating the unintended consequences of technology


Leesa Soulodre, chief innovation officer,  Inspirit IoT and adjunct faculty member at the Singapore Management University (SMU), argues more focus needs to be placed on establishing ethical principles and guidelines for the creation and deployment of new AI technologies.