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AIG finalises $5.5bn Validus acquisition

The $5.56bn transaction was first announced in January


I am in the process of developing my ERM programme. What common mistakes should I avoid?

When it comes to implementing a successful ERM program, sometimes learning what not to do is just as important as learning what to do. StrategicRISK spoke with one of Taiwan’s most experienced risk managers, Jeff Yeo, to get his tips and tricks on ERM.


What steps should I be taking to use technology as a risk manager?

As computers get faster, we get smarter. Chris Corless outlines three key ways he sees technology improving the way we see and mitigate risk.

Inflection point

What benefits can I get from ISO 31000:2018?

Gareth Byatt, principal consultant at Risk Insight Consulting and APAC Ambassador for the IRM, gives us his perspective on how to benefit from the new ISO release

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Swiss Re-corporate culture

Special report: corporate culture


Risk management is at a turning point, pivoting from an operational to a strategic role. Corporate culture – the way risk is treated and the way we treat those involved in loss events – is critical to that change.

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Autonomous vehicles: logistics transformed


Autonomous technology is transforming many industries. Transportation and logistics already pose complex risks for risk managers and insurance buyers. For autonomous vehicles the logistics sector will be in the vanguard of change. In association with AIG

Interconnected risk roundtable cover

Latest briefing: interconnected risk


In today’s complex world, one risk leads to another. So how should businesses deal with these knock-on effects?

01 sreu cyber16 cover image

Guide to: cyber risks


Cyber crime used to be a rarity, with physical break-ins par for the course, but the new breed of highly sophisticated criminal makes the swiping of data tapes seem quaint. In this guide, we look at the evolving cyber risk landscape


Victoria Tan Ayala Corporation

Top risk priorities for a Philippine conglomerate


Ayala is one of the largest and most diversified Philippine conglomerates, with business interests in real estate, banking, telecommunications, water, industrial technologies, energy, infrastructure, health, education and other ventures

Chip Cunliffe XL Catlin

Reducing risk from a changing ocean


Leaders from across the political, economic, environmental and risk sectors gathered in Bermuda in May for the first Ocean Risk Summit

Earth from space

Risk management lessons from the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster


Mike Lutomski, former International Space Station risk manager, spoke to StrategicRISK about one of NASA’s most tragic losses in space



Digital transformation: Future proof your business now


Digital transformation is changing every aspect of the business landscape at an exponential pace, bringing the full force of innovation and disruption to all sectors and markets says Allied World’s senior vice president, Hong Kong country manager & head of general casualty, Asia Pacific, Jotu Shohtoku.

St George's Bermuda

Brokers suggest Bermuda for insuring GDPR fines


Bermuda was cited by underwriters at several large insurers, speaking to StrategicRISK  about potential jurisdictions outside the EU that brokers are suggesting could be used to insure GDPR fines


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Whirlpool tumble dryers and fire safety


Opinion: This article looks at the impact on the company’s reputation and what, in my view, could have been done to mitigate the negative publicity. By Shane Russell, crisis management specialist, red24assist


Crowded street

Being prepared for the terrorist risk in Europe


Europe has continued to be subjected to terrorist attacks from various terrorist groups. What actions can organisations in Europe take to help them prepare for the possibility of a terrorist attack occurring that may impact their people and operations?

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